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    Lost my 8900 last night, got a call to get home at 5:30 to help find our lost dog, I was up the road hunting.
    I put the phone in my pocket, packed up and drove home. No phone in my pocket when I went to find it!
    We backtracked last night as well as this morning, we did not see it out there, and we were pretty through.
    What's really odd is that the phone went "off line" right around the same time, I can tell because my wifes 8900 is connected to it through BBM as well as Lattitude. On here phone it shows my status with a red "X" on it, and lattitude shows my last update right around when I left.
    I was 5 minutes from getting the message to come home and then actually being home.
    I have two trains of thought, one is that I either ran it over (I wouldn't expect that to shut it off on such soft ground), or a puddle, or maybe it even made it home to the basement and simply isn't getting a signal.
    I have pretty much exausted any chances of finding it soon, Rogers want $600 dollers to replace it, and frankly I am sick about the whole thing.
    Any thought given the small clues about it going off line, the battery was in fine shape, it should have had power up till this morning?
    10-16-09 09:27 AM