1. circutz's Avatar
    so i just upgraded to the new bbm5 after upgrading to a new OS on my curve 8330. Before installing the new os in apploader, it asked me if i wanted to make an automatic backup of my files and what not, and i choose yes. the problem is, now that i need something from the backup, i cant find out where the heck it saved the file lol.

    how do i get my contacts back for bbm5? anyone?
    10-14-09 07:48 PM
  2. escobarincanada's Avatar
    have you tried installing your BB to a computer and then looking?
    10-14-09 07:50 PM
  3. ComfortablyNumb's Avatar
    Have you tried to restore the info to the phone yet with the dtm?
    10-14-09 07:53 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Usually they are saved in the My Documents folder. Or you can
    use the search function to look for all files with the named "Loader
    Backup". The one with the most recent date as part of the
    filename is the one you need.
    10-14-09 07:54 PM
  5. circutz's Avatar
    stupid vista was giving me **** to search for the "ipd" files, i dont know whats up with the search feature these days. either way, i did find it in my documents (go figure lol *smacks head*) .. thanks for the help amazinglygraceless.
    10-14-09 08:06 PM
  6. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Glad it worked out for you And Welcome to Crackberry.
    10-14-09 08:08 PM
  7. circutz's Avatar

    10-14-09 08:11 PM
  8. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Glad it worked out for you And Welcome to Crackberry.
    Another Newbie rescued!! Good work!!!!!!!
    10-14-09 08:14 PM