1. blackmarket#AC's Avatar
    ive lost all my phonebook contacts when i synced them with gmail. They are all on my gmail account online on pc, but all the contacts on my phone are deleted. Is there a way to get the contacts from gmail to my phone? ive tried using a backup file to transfer over only contacts but dm will not allow me to do contacts only and i dont feel like going thru all my settings and setting them up again.
    04-06-10 01:43 AM
  2. Skyys's Avatar
    I was having this problem yestrday. Except after playing with Google Sync on my BB, I would lose contacts and then get duicates of all my contacts on my BB which would create duicates on my contacts when viewed from my comp. I finally got it straightened out but unfortunately it was tedious. first thing I did was when I looked at my contacts list on my comp and it was correct, I exported the list as a back up. Then on my BB went to my contacts > options > your gmail under contact lists> and turned off Wireless Synch. Deleted all my contacts on my BB and on my google contact lists on my comp. Imported the backup on my comp. Turned on the synch in the options for my contacts on my BB and let it synch.

    the first couple of times I viewed my contacts on my BB, the first 10 slots or so were blank. Not sure why but after the second time I viewed my contacts, those blnk slots were gone. It was a pain in the a$$ but it worked. Of course that was after an hour of playing with everything. Anyone knows a faster way, would be good to know for future reference.
    04-06-10 04:51 AM