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    i have blackberry curve 8900. i upgraded the OS from 4.6 to version 5.0. it was successful. i did a back up files before i upgrade and restore it after i upgrade. however when i browse my phone, most of the pre-installed application was lost? no games inside the folder, some program in the applications folder was lost and many more even the third party application. but what i don't understand is why the pre-installed applications are gone? do i need to re-install again these applications? Please help. thank you.

    PS: and also, i go to options>advance options>applications but still the applications are not there.
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    Yes, it is normal. Desktop manager / apploader will not back-up third party apps. You can use software like bbsak to back these up and restore them. Any "pre installed" apps missing are probablly from your carrier. Log into your BIS account, and resend the service books, then do a battery pull. It should push all the default carrier stuff back to your device...

    Best bet to get back the 3rd party ones are to sign into app world. They should still be in your list of apps. Just redownload them

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    Be sure to use the latest DM software. Upgrading my Torch to the latest leak today with Apploader backed up all third party apps. Registration was all that was needed to go back to work.
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