1. pushdwnstairs's Avatar
    I don't know about you, but ever since Indie went off the air radio just hasn't been the same....yeah Slacker is pretty cool but I still miss my Indie 103.1. I knew there was an iphone app for it but I just found out that we can stream it on our Blackberry's!!.....woo hoo!.......

    just type in this url in your browser and it should work:

    check out the tutorial on youtube: (i cant put the url here but just copy and paste "Indie 103.1 streaming radio to Cell Phones" in the youtube search box.

    so do it now.....and if you're not from Los Angeles check it out...it was a awesome indie radio that played some really great music new and old!

    02-25-09 03:36 AM
  2. BlackBerryr's Avatar
    Wow this sounds great! I've been looking for a good indie station for my BlackBerry. Do you know of any indie stations for Slacker, or other radio apps?
    10-03-09 08:14 PM