1. macduncanusn's Avatar
    When I set up my e-mail I have a mail icon with the Yahoo ICON on it as well as the AOL ICON on it upon initial setup. When I reboot my 8530 Curve it comes up showing only the generic mail ICON instead of being able to quickly identify which e-mail address I just received mail on. How do I make sure the ICONS stay with the individual ICONS?

    09-16-10 12:25 PM
  2. green_ember's Avatar
    Go to your home screen and select the Setup icon.

    Go to email settings.

    Log in if you've set a password for BIS.

    From the Email Accounts screen, press the BB menu key and select Service Books.

    Select the Send Service Books option and you will receive a confirmation message that the books were sent. Don't press OK until you receive the notification sound that a new email has arrived (the confirmation email).

    Press the escape key until you get back to your home screen.

    Your icon should be restored.

    You can safely delete the Activation Server email from your inbox (inboxes if you have more than 1 account set up) without changing the icon back.

    The waiting to press OK seems to be important as occasionally when I have escaped before the mail came in, the icon did not update. You will need to repeat this each time you reboot your device if you want the icon to come back quickly. It eventually comes back on its own, but not after any consistent or predictable time frame. You probably also don't want to do this immediately after your phone has rebooted as there are things still loading and the process is very slow in the first few minutes. After 3-5 minutes, this process works for me every time.
    09-17-10 07:20 AM