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    Hey all
    there has been a few threads about trying to boost your signal indoors, but they are old, and now 4G is out and I was curious if anyone has any ideas?
    My wife is on att with the 9810. When she is at the office, her phone gets really bad reception. she just moved offices, and this one is actually closer to the outside of the building, but it is worse.
    Without using microcell, is there any tips on how to improve signal inside the office?
    03-13-12 08:42 PM
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    noone has any creative ideas?
    03-14-12 09:10 PM
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    noone has any creative ideas?
    Office building are the worse unless she get a corner office with lots of window there is not much one can do.
    03-14-12 09:16 PM
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    creative? In an Office Building? I can only say...
    Please do NOT tell her to wear those FOIL hats.... they don't really work unless you facing north..

    But seriously, there is nothing that can be done... must be too much metal and wires within those walls.
    03-14-12 10:00 PM
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    Damn...I just made her turn her desk so she faced north...and I had her foil hat ready...:-(
    Lol thanks anyway guys. Figured it was worth an ask!
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    03-14-12 11:00 PM
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    Someone once told me, if you put your phone near your head, your brainwaves would amplify the reception.

    I always look stupid when I do that to get an email to send faster in low-reception areas.

    It may only work because of placebo effects. :P
    03-14-12 11:13 PM
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    Convince ppl to build another cellular antenna near your wife's office.
    No seriously... in an office complex there are just too many walls, electronics and cellphones of other ppl that block/steal your reception. If you are not lucky with your position to the next cellular antenna .....there is nothing you can do.
    03-15-12 01:13 AM
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    The microcells work great and have a passthrough for the network connection. It would be pretty easy to set one up on her current office connection.

    I set one up for my brother and it makes a huge difference. They weren't getting any service at home except for on the porch, now they get full bars thru the whole house and the lot it's on.
    03-15-12 02:14 AM
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    ill tell her to try the head trick too! haha
    i will also look at microcells. but they have a monthly fee with them dont they?

    also... they have wifi at her work... turning her wifi on seems to help alot... but that HAS to be a coincidence right?
    03-15-12 08:27 PM
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    also... they have wifi at her work... turning her wifi on seems to help alot... but that HAS to be a coincidence right?
    Well yes! You did give her the FOIL hat and facing the North when she connected to the wifi. So it was just a coincidence..
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    03-15-12 09:32 PM
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    See if you can test out a phone from another provider. Maybe some other provider has a tower closer by or one that may be on her side of the building.
    03-15-12 09:36 PM
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    I think there were a few other above that mentioned this if I understood correctly. Sprint has a device called an "Airave" what it is and does is a miniature cellular tower in your home or office building that hooks up to your broadband wired internet connection. It's not a "booster" per say, but a localized tower the size of a router. It routes all calls and data connectivity through the internet and all you have to do is be in range of it.
    AT&T offers that same thing but it's of course called by another name.

    So at this point the question is: Is she using a company phone, or are there others in the building that do and also use AT&T? If so, then the company might be willing to invest in some of these devices As it would help others as well.

    I have the Sprint version of this and it's great. I have absolutely no service whatsoever @ home and with this in my home office myself and my whole household have full signal. (Even my in laws across the street have excellent signal and it's in my house)

    Edit: I see now after visiting AT&T's website that the "Microcell" people are talking about is the same thing. If it works as well as the Sprint Airave, then I highly recommend it. Good luck.

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    03-15-12 10:28 PM
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    There are amplifiers you can install that have indoor and outdoor antennas for relaying transmissions. I'm getting one for my house someday ($400). Obviously that wouldn't work for an office building that you aren't authorized to install such equipment in. I would suggest focusing on doing your job :P
    03-17-12 09:09 AM