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    I have a website that sends out sms text messages. The site is MobileTextingService.com. It is a general business text messaging service.

    Some folks who have tried to use my service with Blackberries have had some problems replying to my sms text messages. I'm looking for some folks who would not mind helping trouble shoot possible sms text messaging problems with their BB's.

    My site sends sms text messaging using this format:

    cell_phone_number at your_carriers_sms_gateway.com

    I know the issues depend on what carrier is being used, etc. Basically, I'd like to find some ATT BB users but all carriers would be useful to test with.

    This is a legit request for volunteers. I am the owner of the company and this is not a scam and you will NOT be spammed, etc. The testing shouldn't take more than a few mins if your device is able to receive and reply ok.

    If there are problems, I'd like to work you to try and figure out what's wrong and resolve it.

    I'm posting to this forum because I need some technical users who know the inners somewhat of their BB's. Some of the folks who wanted to use my service with their BB's didn't have any technical background so they didn't understand some of my trouble shooing explanations.

    Thanks for your help...
    07-06-11 11:17 PM