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    I am looking for some reviews of Garmin GPS. I have not seen much written on this topic.

    Thanks All
    07-12-08 01:00 PM
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    Handheld or the BB service. I have used plenty of the handhelds.

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    07-14-08 07:14 PM
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    I am looking for some reviews for the Garmin Mobile for blackberry $99.00
    07-14-08 08:46 PM
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    I have it, use it quite a bit. It has only let me down a few times and that was in a downtown area with interstates running over the top of city streets. It got confused, so I just picked a street and drove until I was away from the interstate and it re-calculated and got me back on track. When the EDGE network is down, your screwed also. I have the free Nav4All loaded in case I need an emergency GPS program. If you travel alot and your horrible at getting lost, like me, than it is definately worth the price.
    07-17-08 12:18 PM
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    tp cracker
    Thanks for your feed back
    07-18-08 03:55 PM
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    Here's a good, detailed review on Pocket GPS World
    Garmin Mobile for Blackberry review

    Here are just some announcements and screen-shots
    Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry launches

    Garmin Mobile navigation for BlackBerry smartphones
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    07-22-08 02:59 PM
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    Thanks, the links where informative. I was most interested in the link that talks about Europe being added to the package. I would like both US and Europe maps.

    Based on the number of responses I have seen it appears there are not many people using Garmin Mobile.
    07-23-08 04:50 PM
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    Thanks, the links where informative. I was most interested in the link that talks about Europe being added to the package. I would like both US and Europe maps.

    Based on the number of responses I have seen it appears there are not many people using Garmin Mobile.
    Anybody using Garmin Mobile?
    08-07-08 08:30 PM
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    We ran this review in April:

    When we first tried the Garmin navigator for BlackBerry, we didn’t like it & told them so; it’s a good thing we did. The version was nearing its end of life; they are about to release (July) a very much improved version for the Pearl. There was a very brief hiccup when they sent us a version that refused to recognize any Bluetooth GPS receiver other than their own, but that got corrected after one more download. Finally, we got our hands on a prerelease copy of Garmin Mobile 5 for BlackBerry. We have to say, we’re impressed. They based a lot of this release on the extremely popular Garmin Nuvi dashboard navigator. The new user interface is very much simplified with a “Where To?” option for routing & a “View Map” option for Atlas-in-hand applications. You can deal with saved locations, locations from your Contacts list, airports, cities, intersections or address or look up locations on Google local search, all from within its menus. A submenu lets you find restaurants by menu type, lodgings (including Hotels.Com price lookups), fuel (optionally with current prices), banks & ATMs, etc. – more than a dozen choices in all. You can also look up traffic & weather; during travel, construction, traffic incidents & other factors show up on the display as road-sign-like yellow diamonds with exclamation points within (you can also see a list of these, but we don’t recommend reading that while driving). When navigating, the spoken instructions are clear & the map is minimalist, showing streets & intersections but naming only those involved in your routing. It shows the next turn as an arrow, indicates how far before you’re there & on the bottom of the screen, estimates both your current speed & your estimated time of arrival. You can configure your display for either daytime or nighttime driving or choose “auto” to make the change based on time of day & that date’s daylight hours. It offers route views in 3D (which we like for driving) or in 2D with your choice of up representing either north or your direction of travel. You can optimize routing for a motorized vehicle (car or motorcycle), for a pedestrian or for a bicycle. You can choose to route for faster travel time or a shorter travel distance (which can save fuel). It offers you a selection of 6 things you can elect to have it avoid in routing: traffic, U-turns, unpaved roads, toll roads, ferries & car pool lanes. The one promised feature that isn’t yet working in our pre-release copy (Garmin just confirmed that it will be working in the release version) is Garmin Mobile Manager, which is supposed to let you do your searches from a notebook or desktop browser & sync them to the phone. We didn’t immediately see anything like the TeleNav 5.1 save-this-spot feature, which is very handy for remembering where (outdoors) you parked the car; it’s there, accessible in a way we didn’t expect & Garmin says they’re looking at making that more intuitive in the release version. Another promised feature in the release version is a more plain-language way to describe where you are (closest address, closest intersection & other options), which can be handy, for example, when you need to make a call for roadside assistance. One major plus: if you want to add a stop at a point of interest (like a restaurant, gas station or ATM), you can insert that into your routing without having to redo your navigation from scratch. Of interest to you: Garmin confirms that this (as is already true for their hardware products) will be available through their media discount program. Bottom line: this promises to be not only one of the best BlackBerry navigators but also a more up-to-date & nimble choice than most dashboard navigators – we like it a lot.
    08-07-08 08:37 PM
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    I have the street pilot that I purchased 2 years ago and its AMAZING! It has let me down only a few times and I don't blame it coz usually i'd be in a maze of roads and it'd get confused. I haven't even felt the need to upgrade my maps although I travel a lot. Would definitely recommend getting one.

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    08-07-08 09:01 PM