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    I apologize in advance if I didn't find the answer to this when I searched the threads.

    I have my own domain through GoDaddy. I have 4 email addresses using this domain....personal, work, spam and one for a position I have at an organization. I set them all up as separate mailboxes on GoDaddy so that I need to log in to each address on their webmail site rather than having them all go to the same place. I did this specifically because I have a Blackberry Bold. This way I have each "From" available on the Blackberry. I would prefer to have one webmail login where I could have multiple personalities/from's. This is possible with the godaddy webmail. However this would screwup my Blackberry setup. So my Blackberry setup is great but my desktop kind of sucks. I'd like to see all 4 mailboxes in one place with drop-down "from's" without screwing up the Bold.

    I've tried LogicMail. It's ok but not great. Is there another option for multiple from's/personalities on the Blackberry?


    11-10-09 09:28 AM