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    I am taking a class on "technology culture and society" I decided to do my project on mobile messaging technology, so sms mms bbm email from a mobile device, etc. I need to cover a bit of the mechanics of how these work and maybe a brief history on where the technologies came from. I will also have to address social issues like crackberry addicts who can't escape the office, txting while driving and sexting. My prof made it clear that the paper must be critical of the topic, so regardless of my opinion on the matter I must beat up on it a bit or my grade will suffer.

    I have several weeks to put this together and I need enough to fill an 8 page paper and a 15 minute ppt presentation. Links to stuff here on crackberry.com will help my own understanding but I will need a handful of good academic sources, news and magazine articles are good but .edu sites and peer reviewed studies are great.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you remember the name of an article you read or know of some good websites It would help me out a lot.

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    07-20-10 11:17 AM