1. alteredfabric's Avatar
    Hey guys, quick question, I used to have a version of Facebook that allowed me to 'like' a post as my Facebook page. It was easy, just click the side icon by the comment and choose myself or my page. Don't see that anymore. I have tried several different versions and none seem to have this feature at all. Anyone have any suggestions or insight?

    For a bit of background I am using a passport with the latest BB update. And right now I have three different versions of Facebook to accomplish different things. None of these have the option I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help with this.
    07-13-18 06:25 PM
  2. Spunton_Duddley's Avatar
    Try it from www.facebook.com with your BlackBerry 10 Browser in 'desktop mode' and login to try doing your likes.

    Bowsey Browser (I think it's called) is free and operates very similar to the BlackBerry 10 Browser. Some things might work better in that 3rd party browser, even though I don't seem to actually need to use it for anything, but then again, I do not use facebook due to preserving my mental health.
    07-14-18 05:57 PM

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