1. playbookster's Avatar
    Before the launch of bb10 is was BlackBerry's goal to launch on as many carriers as possible, seemed like a great idea at the time. Maybe the correct approach should have been to launch on fewer carriers but form better business relationships with those carriers. More marketing dollars and better os update support. It felt like BlackBerry was spread too thin. Maybe that is the direction they are moving in. I think they need to contract in order to grow again.

    C001B7B16 The Gif Exchange
    03-11-14 11:56 AM
  2. BoldPreza's Avatar
    Nope the better approach would have been to not squander the opportunity. I am often surprised that verizon threw so much money into the storm launch and then came back for more with BlackBerry 10.

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-14 12:31 PM
  3. early2bed's Avatar
    Launching on all carriers because of their legacy devices was one of the few advantages that Blackberry had with BB10. Limited carrier relationships is something that new platforms have to do. There is really no advantage to doing it except that you can give a carrier an exclusive which sometimes means that they will push it more. It would make no sense to not offer Blackberry customers of a particular carrier an upgrade path. It certainly doesn't sound like Blackberry was spread too thin with the BB10 launch given that they had to write down a billion dollars worth of unsold smartphones.
    03-11-14 12:43 PM
  4. KDB84's Avatar
    I think that they should have launched on as many carriers as possible - I just think that they overpriced the phones, given the situation they were getting themselves into. And of course, built too many Z10's apparently lol
    03-11-14 01:16 PM
  5. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    BB had four BIG issues at launch:

    1. Poor marketing. They failed to make it clear to consumers that this was an all-new BB, with a totally new OS that had a new UI and interface, new apps and apps store, etc. Most people went in expecting or assuming that this was just the latest version of BBOS, which meant that a lot of existing BB users were totally lost trying to use BB10, and a lot of former BB users didn't even take a look at the phones, remembering spinning clocks and battery pulls.

    2. The reboot bug. Clearly they rushed the testing and release of this software build to meet their deadline, and shipped with a nasty bug that resulted in a ton of phones being returned to the carrier. That's the kiss of death for a new product launch, especially from a company that already had a reputation for poor execution. It then took nearly 6 months to get the fix rolled out in the US, and the damage was done.

    3. The lack of an ecosystem, and the fact that BB did a poor job of managing expectations with customers. Still, many customers rightly asked themselves "why should I wait for BB to build an ecosystem when Apple and Google have big, robust, diverse ecosystems TODAY?" This was a huge problem, but if it was the ONLY problem, it could have been managed and I think more people would have given BB some slack.

    4. Pricing. BB priced their phones as premium products, when, in fact, nothing about them was premium except BES security, which virtually no one used at launch. Few people were fooled by this, and many took one look, laughed, and bought something else instead. BB should have been humble, realized that by missing their own deadline by 6 months that they were way behind the product cycle, and they should have lowered the price of the devices by $100-150 at launch, even if that meant lowered profits. Having a strong launch was THE most important thing, and they blew it.

    And having all of this after YEARS of delay, and after the Storm debacle, and it's not hard to see why the carriers largely gave up on BB. BB had every opportunity, and they kept blowing it again and again. You only get so many chances...
    03-11-14 01:35 PM

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