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    I posted this in the Classic forum but I kind of need some assistance for a minor issue that is driving me up the wall. Thanks

    So long story short I have been messing around with my Classic as I am trying to compare various features of my Bold 9000 and 9900 feature wise for nostalgia purposes.

    In any event previously I had my notifications such as emails, BBM's, text etc show up on my lock screen. It wasn't the feature that gave additional info such as the message etc. It was strictly the symbol of the notification such as BBM and the amount of messages I had.

    I played around in the settings but now I can't seem to get that feature back no matter what I tried.

    Any thoughts? I like the ability to just touch the top bottom and see what I have instead of waking up the device.

    The first picture is my lock screen with zero notifications and the next 2 are the lock screen options.
    Lock screen issues. Need some minor help please-img_20160616_141507.png
    Lock screen issues. Need some minor help please-img_20160616_141531.png
    Lock screen issues. Need some minor help please-img_20160616_141537.png

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    06-16-16 07:06 PM
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    Allow Power/Lock Key to Unlock Device should be toggled OFF. That way you can press the power button and display the lock screen. (If it's ON, pressing the power button will display whatever app you left open.)

    Lock Screen Notifications should be toggled ON.

    Show Sender Only should be toggled ON, that way the content (titles, first few lines of messages) won't be displayed on your lock screen.

    This is how I have mine set up. I want to see the icons and be able to tap them to take me directly to their respective messages, but I don't want the private content of those messages displayed on the lock screen. I usually access my lock screen by half-swiping up quickly (not all the way), but I can also press the power button to display it.
    06-16-16 08:34 PM
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    Thanks for your assistance. I believe the pictures I have in the thread are set up as you have indicated which is how I interpreted the options as well. I went back and fired up my old Q10 which is set up the way I want it and the settings appear to be the same.

    For whatever reason it doesn't seem to be working unless I am missing something?

    I also tried restarting the device a few times and looking through the help guide.


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    06-16-16 08:56 PM

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