1. mmetris's Avatar
    Hmm That server crash due to a sudden spike of new users was amusing huh? incase this happens agan and people are still looking to download liveprofile during the outage i have mirrored LiveProfile 1.0.4 and successfully installed it on my BB if anyone wants or needs it (i mirrored it as soon as i found out the OTA was available again)

    03-30-11 04:17 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    cool... i decided to use my atrix for this app until most of the kinx is worked out for bb.

    my bb contacts can receive my pics, but can't send them. does this new version allow for pics to be sent yet?
    03-30-11 04:26 AM
  3. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    cool, thanks for the mirror!
    03-31-11 05:05 PM
  4. highjakker's Avatar
    cool thanks! i couldn't even find it in the droid app market place.
    now...how do i make that work? lol
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    03-31-11 05:29 PM
  5. flipkc's Avatar
    I'm not huge into these 3rd party messaging apps but I'll give this one a shot. Definitely not as seamless as BBM though =p .
    03-31-11 05:33 PM