1. tcseacliff's Avatar
    05-14-10 12:15 PM
  2. atlawson's Avatar
    I assume they are not talking signal strength literally. The new storms and tours doesn't compare to the older curves.
    05-14-10 12:26 PM
  3. lnichols's Avatar
    The article says the Tour and Curve are low cost entry phones. I'll give that for the Curve, as you can usually get them for $50 now, but how is a Tour a low price phone? It was $199 when it first came out with contract, then dropped to $149 and is now $99. The EVO is going to release at $199. The iPhone is the same price with contract and they have the 3G for the $99 price. The carrier maybe making more buy selling you a blackberry compared to the iPhone since it has a heavily subsidized price, but the end user pays the same for either. When you compare the amount of money of a non subsidized phone on either, an iPhone 3G 8GB is $499 and a Tour is $449, so where is this low cost they mention?

    The reason I'm using the iPhone is an example because that is what the article is comparing as the competition. If Lizardis thinks that $50 less for a BB compared to iPhone or Android is the strategy that will save him, then they are doomed. Plus the build quality on the newer phones is much poorer than on the older BB devices.
    05-14-10 01:53 PM
  4. SA13's Avatar
    But how many Tours were sold on BOGO?

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    05-14-10 01:56 PM
  5. tumer's Avatar
    they are tkimg monthly subscription not the cost of the phone
    05-14-10 02:04 PM
  6. tumer's Avatar
    it has already started telus if offering a $40 plan that you get
    *200 minutes
    *evening and weekends free
    *unlimited incomming and out going text
    * five friends unlimited talk and text to five phone numberts
    *unlimited facebook,myspace,windows live,and blackberry messanger
    no access fee or 911 fees this is prety cheap for a blackberry in canada
    05-15-10 08:31 AM
  7. Mystic205's Avatar
    well there is no way that the tour is a low cost entry phone... the curve is that, followed by the pearl..

    for corporate growth the opportunity does lie in a broader product line from low cost (to manufacture) as can be see from the 8530 (a cheap-down of the 8330).. and given the vasy majority of cell phone users simply talk, or talk and text then a simple easy to use os like RIM's will continue to make inroads into asia, S. America and all points...
    The only area where RIM is behind ...and this is obscured by its financial success from the above... is in flagship devices.. something that can really and truly compete head to head with the likes of the EVO and the upcoming iphone..
    05-15-10 08:54 AM
  8. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Only a matter of time before RIM and their #1 Curve is dethroned. Competition is just too fierce.
    05-15-10 10:55 AM