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    I've had the new bold (9780) for 6 months now with barely any problems. Last night /early this morning(sounds nasty I know...) my little sister pee'd on my bed and im not sure how long it took for the water to seep into my phone but it did (so must have been a while before i woke up and noticed) the strip on the battery is redish pink and i'm pretty sure before it was white. What i'd like to know is what I can do? I wasn't aware that you shouldn't try to turn it on (which it wont what so ever) or charge (which is doesn't what so ever) I made the mistake of doing those two things. I read to take out everything (sim card, battery) and put it in uncookced rice, and that's what I've been doing. I made the mistake of trying to put in the battery 2 times I believe. What else should I do? Can I just buy a new battery? or what? I'm so upset! please help. Today is Canada's day so I don't think anything will be opened today in order for me to get it fixed (if it is possible to be fixed?). How much is a new battery around? And would that fix my problem? Please help! I'm so sad!
    07-01-11 04:06 AM
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    07-01-11 06:21 AM
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    I think all you can do is put it in the rice and leave it there for a day or two.

    Either it will work or it won't. People have had good luck with using rice to get rid of the moisture but there might be other things in urine like minerals and salt that will be left behind and might cause problems.

    Good luck.

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    07-01-11 06:43 AM
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    Not sure you can recover now after trying to turn on and trying to charge. Good luck.
    07-01-11 06:56 AM
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    Thanks for the reply!

    If it comes out that the phone is not able to be repaired by a technician and i have to get a new phone (i plan on getting the same one) How much would it be ? I'm w/ Virgin mobile & i'm on tab, so every bill that I pay goes towards paying off the phone. What is the situation here? And what are my chances with phone warranties?
    07-01-11 06:57 AM
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    Why don't you call Virgin and ask? I'm not sure how the rent to own thing would work.
    07-01-11 06:59 AM
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    Hi friend, you have already made the two classic mistakes that cause more damage on the device. Well, i suggest you for now before you do all this exhaust all resources of a under warranty repair.
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    07-01-11 07:02 AM
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    kbz - They don't open until 9 so I will call and ask,
    today is a holiday though so idk.
    Another problem happened. Gosh!

    when i did the rice method i took it out just to check up on it,
    and then i noticed a grain of rice stuck where the sim card goes and i tried to take it out and in the procress scratched the black part of where the card lays
    not too sure how imp. that is. it's like a little piece missing.
    I'm so upset right now no words describe! I shoulda left my phone on the table
    07-01-11 07:07 AM