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    Ive been playing around with Ubuntu for about a year now... right now I'm using 8.04. The reason I chose this distro over the others is because of the ease of transition from Windows. Over the years I've finally accepted the fact that I'm inherently lazy! This distro seemed to fit the bill perfectly with my particular predicament/situation! All kidding aside I read everything that I could before picking a distro. Ubuntu seemed the most (although I hate this term) "user friendly". I'm no slouch when it comes to tinkering around with the settings playing with code (well a little bit anyway) Besides, I liked the fact that I could have more control over my OS. I enjoy a good puzzle and sometimes finding apps for Linux is just like going on a treasure hunt. (sometimes). So back to the original question and the puzzle thing...

    I'm trying to find some way to sync my curve with my evolution email without having to first sync with windows (which i still use by the way) then a web mail or scheduling service then from there to evolution then back to my curve. I know about "Barry" syncing software but they dont have an Ubuntu release for 64bit machines. So... after all of that, has ANYBODY come up with an easy(er) way to sync using Linux? And has anybody heard when RIM will be helping out in this matter?

    By the way... I'm running: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ 2009.141 MHz 1gig RAM.

    Thanks for listening to me rant...

    09-14-08 05:10 PM
  2. Javaddict's Avatar
    I wish I could help you, Ubuntu and linux for a notebook had me so frustrated I went back to XP. It shouldn't take 2 days of trial and error to get wifi working, and B SPEED at that.
    09-14-08 05:24 PM
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    There is in fact a couple of ways to sync your calendar and contacts with Evolution on Ubuntu, and not have to use Windows at all.

    See here: How to Sync your Blackberry in Linux - Ubuntu Forums

    09-15-08 08:04 AM
  4. jshuford's Avatar
    You can either use "barrybackup" for simply backing up your device or create a Windoze VM!
    05-27-10 05:01 AM