09-23-09 02:51 AM
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  1. Tronyx's Avatar
    Sorry for the double post...

    Ok folks. Another big update to the site. Changed a few pages and added some new stuff. Uploaded the official multilanguage release of .266 for the Bold. I also added links to Papped's, JReel's, and nm1k0's websites. I will be adding the description info to the 60 new applications that I added last week some time today and/or tomorrow. Put up two new PDF's that ST79 generated for me as well to replace the not so pretty looking ones.

    As always, I'm still on a constant mission to add new stuff to the site so please send me anything you find.

    EDIT: The new articles that ST79 converted for me are up, the 16 new OSes are up and I'm still working on finishing up the descriptions of the 60 applications I added last week. I'm also adding a few more applications as well.

    EDITx2: Added all of the descriptions for all the new applications that were added and at least 30 OSes for various devices have been added in the past weeks.

    06-05-09 02:06 AM
  2. google123's Avatar
    Gravy! Thanks Tronyx
    06-06-09 02:27 AM
  3. Tronyx's Avatar
    Gravy! Thanks Tronyx
    Not a problem!

    I also just added a whole new page FULL of mobile friendly websites. It is a monster list so be sure to check it out!

    06-09-09 05:01 AM
  4. splinter81's Avatar
    Good stuff doc.
    07-29-09 09:56 AM
  5. Tronyx's Avatar
    Good stuff doc.
    Thanks! Haven't posted much lately, but I did recently add a bunch more stuff, including some more Operating Systems. I will be adding to the applications section in the next few days.

    08-05-09 01:48 PM
  6. Tronyx's Avatar
    Sorry for the double post, but I didn't feel it necessary to create a new topic for an update. Just added several OSes, including all of the newest leaks and a new 9630 section.

    Check it out!

    08-27-09 01:31 AM
  7. dictoresno's Avatar
    hey chris, i got an idea. why dont you host OTA downloads for BBM5 and a zip of all of them for DM install? just an idea considering some OTA links go down often.
    08-27-09 01:47 AM
  8. Tronyx's Avatar
    I'm pretty certain that I have everything setup to host OTA stuff, but I need to get some files and have some people test it. That would allow me to almost DOUBLE the content of my site...

    08-27-09 01:50 AM
  9. Tronyx's Avatar
    Yay for double posts!

    Just updated the site again and added a bunch more applications, operating systems and tools/utilities for you all! Hope you take a look!

    09-23-09 02:51 AM
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