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    I'm traveling this week with my new Z10 and after only a day have racked up 20MB of data. With my old 9900 this would take a week to do.

    So here's the question, is there anyway to restrict data connections to only email while roaming? I use wifi wherever possible, but when I'm in transit still want to get email but couldn't care less about Facebook updates or news updates. I'm pretty sure these are all getting updates as long as roaming is enabled.

    With the old 9900 this wasn't an issue as everything was compressed. For the time being I've gone back to it to limit my charges.

    Perhaps this is a good app idea for someone if this feature doesn't exist. It would seem a simple firewall that would restrict ever thing but email when a roaming connection is present without wifi.

    Also, is it possible to set email to download headers only like in BB7.0? I couldn't find that feature in the options.


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    05-18-13 11:13 PM
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    I had to logout of facebook and twitter for a trip because roaming charges are very expensive and I didn't want to risk running out of my roaming data -package.

    Here's my recent story; my carrier in Mexico has a roaming data package of 250mb for $42 usd, once you sign for it you have 30 days to use it. This is about the same amount they charge for unlimited BIS roaming for the same 30 day period. Thing is, now that I have a Z10 I have to sign for data in mb rather than BIS and believe me this is what I miss the most from my 9790 and previous blackberries. So, for those moments I couldn't get wifi I turned on the data connection on my Z10 and didn't even open email attachments. I turned off location services and data collection off as well as they've been recognized as a data hogs on these forums. For extra peace of mind I switched off data services when I had wifi available. I ended up my 18 day trip within the 250mb with all mentioned measures.

    During my trip I figured I'd do better with a prepaid mobile wifi hotspot. T-Mobile and Virgin sell some that aren't expensive and you can pay for what you need. No contract. Because I have to be available on my Mexico number when I travel this is what I think I'll do next time even if I have to carry two devices. For me this is better than getting a local sim with voice and data since I keep my number and get data without worries of roaming charges.

    My 2 cents.
    05-18-13 11:54 PM

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