02-05-13 06:45 AM
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  1. jarrodmeyer's Avatar
    My bolds peak & flow works much better than BB10.


    BB OS7

    I'm in the browser... the red light blinks, I hit the side convinece key button, takes me in to my "Messages" folder with ALL my emails, texts, bbms, twitter etc > When I'm done, I press the back button, and I'm right back to the browser, where I left on... STILL in the SAME position of where I was reading

    now the BB10...

    In the browser... light blinks, swipe to the right, open message... do what you got to do, swipe back, your now at your active tiles, open the browser again, and start from scratch.

    Without fooling myself, the feature is NOT lightyears ahead of my bold, I may not be able to view flash sites (luckily I don't view any that require flash), or turn back time on a picture (gimmick).
    Yeah. I was kinda hoping that the BB10 flow would work a bit like the old OS7 in that way. IE: From browser you swipe into hub and deal with whatever you need. Then swiping from right to left should bring you back into that app you just left - that's flow! That's fast! And that's how all my BB's have done it up until now.

    Fingers crossed for a software update that changes this behaviour, if enough people volly for it.

    That said, there's still a lot more going for the Z10 than the aging (venerable) 9900. And I think one extra tap to get back into my browser certainly wouldn't deter me from buying into the device and platform. 10 looks rocking so far to me.
    02-04-13 08:33 AM
  2. jarrodmeyer's Avatar
    I'm sorry but some people are misconstruing what my thread starter was about. I'm not talking about a feature comparison between something made in the year 2001 vs. 2013. I'm referring to the competiveness and quality of the these OSs with respect in the time period they were released as 1.0 products in the marketplace. You were not a happy camper using OS X in 2001 neither were you ecstatic with Windows Vista in 2006. We all know that OS X grew up to be competitive and Vista turned into 7 another fine OS release, but they didn't start life that way.

    We are privileged to be dealing with an OS like BB10 that is so solid from the get go.
    Fully concur with you. I wouldn't suggest that BB10 isn't competitive in todays environment, but saying that all new OS platforms should release with zero bugs and cater for every smartphone users needs is unrealistic and looking back at previous platform's growth/starting-points is a good reference.

    Tx for the post and research.
    02-04-13 08:36 AM
  3. lorax1284's Avatar
    I feel as though this really should be considered a 1.5: we BB fans say "Look the PlayBook gave RIM a way to get apps developed and to test proof-of-concept UIs etc...", now we want to say that BB10 is a "1.0 release". We can't have it both ways.

    Personally, there are some aspects of the Z10 that really should have been refined prior to launch (from what I've read... I haven't got my device yet... TOMORROW!) but I hope that between now and the all-important US launch, there will be an updated to the OS that puts that extra little bit of sheen on the OS (and hopefully Instagram and Skype will be available on World by then)
    02-04-13 01:19 PM
  4. cckgz4's Avatar
    Are many consumers going into stores and asking "is this competitive relative to a phone from 2007?"

    This is news to me.
    It's not news to them also. When WP7 and iOS was launched, no mercy was shown on these here parts
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    02-04-13 05:58 PM
  5. FunktasticLucky's Avatar
    Personally, I know they will have some bugs and some features missing. No it doesn't matter about how another os was at 1.0 5 years ago. But what IS relevant is the time it took them to evolve into what they are today. How long did it take to develop 1.0 android and evolve into a popular OS with all those features. So I am VERY amazed at what BB has accomplished in such a short time span.

    Are any of you programmers? There is a lot to program for BB10, development tools and kits and licensing then programming those features. Then the fact you have to tie all the pieces together. Some of you think BB waves a magical wand and POOF the feature is created. EVERYTHING is made from scratch. They can't pull a feature from BBOS and just paste the code into QNX code. And humans have limits. And I'm pretty sure these employee's limits were tested here. Job well done. Now I look forward to see how it all evolves into a much more mature OS.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    02-05-13 01:41 AM
  6. omniusovermind's Avatar

    I realize this market is hyper competitive and BB needs to show their A-game, however, lets take a look back shall we?

    OS X 10.0 - > I ran classic until 10.3 Panther (>3 years of development)
    Windows Vista -> Went back to XP until 7 (5 years of development)
    Android 1.0 -> What a mess that was. (2+3 years of development)
    Windows Phone 7.0 -> Sold my HTC after a month, garbage. I heard good things about 7.5 but never looked back. (5 Years of development)
    IOS 1.0 -> Leap forward? Yes. Crippled and Missing features? Absolutely. (3 years of development)
    If I cut out everything after the part I highlighted in bold, then that would have been sufficient. I left it in though to illustrate that you've already answered your own debate.

    This isn't 2009. The game isn't 2009. Coming in with anything resembling the examples you listed above isn't good enough for today.
    02-05-13 01:50 AM
  7. ikhfa's Avatar
    This is my first post in Crackberry. I have been following the forum for a bit and this seems to be a nice thread to just say a few words.

    I have been with Android since 1.5 and considering how Android has reached 4.2 now, I can say I was with them for a long while. Ever since 1.5 (after a short stint with Symbian), I had always believed that Android would pull off a hat trick. The apps were meh at first but they steadily grew. At that point, iOS was really picking up momentum but Android started to match up. The fact that Android was more and more available to be rooted helped a lot. But the one important thing that made Android successful in my opinion, was the simple mantra "We Can". And where iOS became more and more restricted (people soon found out, not that it became restrictive per se), Android became more decentralized. Everyone was happy. The downside was, after hundreds of firmware flashes, I see that Android became unstable. It became better but somehow the different manufacturers just cannot put everything together. Many users realized this as their devices hard resetted without prior warning. I had mine reset every other Saturday. "We Can But ..."

    So I moved to Windows Phone 8. Coming from Android I know I would be missing some features but truth be told, WP8 (I think the fifth iteration of the OS now), is not baked properly. Apps, although seemingly present, are not 100% solid. They are not full-featured. And the WP community always add a "yet" to their sentences. E-mail attachments are bad. Document scanners run errors. Whatsapp? What's up with them? Bottom line, basic things get done pretty unbasic.

    I actually followed the launch of BB10. I was surprised. This OS looks polished. Even if bugs are found, at least things can get done efficiently. And unlike Android with the many partner manufacturers, BB10 looks less buggy (it can do complex swipes without jamming up). I am not flaming Android or WP8. I have both devices. But now BB10 looks deliciously appealing.

    Android is now at 4.2, the best iteration yet and still I can see stability issues. I believe too many different manufacturers want to code their devices differently. WP8 is not version 1 (I had a WinMo device before) and still they are slow to get things working. People may argue WP8 is a rebirth, but come on, this company has tons of experience. So if you ask me, BB10 looks good and balanced. Many here would say I would not know anything about BB and I would say that you are right. But from a third person's perspective (an objective one), BB10 can be something ... like really something.
    02-05-13 06:45 AM
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