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    Here is where we can let the fanboy inside us out. Each top 10 list can be a one word answer or a paragraph, your choice. Let's embrace the crackberry cult! I'll start things off. you don't have to make the list in any order i.e. number 1 doesn't have to be the most important

    1 because my phone isn't a toy

    2 because the hub brought me "back to black"

    3 people use smartphones to do dumb things, but BlackBerry people are always smarter

    4 because it's a cult item now

    5 bbm

    6 I like asking "what's your pin?"

    7 the keyboard!!!!!

    8 I can use my Q10 one handed

    9 with BB10 I've had people ask me how I send pics/links/information so fast. To which I respond, "that's BB10, built to keep you moving."

    10 if I want a media device, I have my droid tablet, ps3, imac, ipod, read #1 I want my phone to be good at being a phone!!!

    11/smartass reply if you really need to use an iphone, borrow your friends, now that's "smart!"
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    01-15-14 10:08 PM
  2. jonno_atamaniuk's Avatar
    My reasons:

    1. It is my number one messaging device. Always has been, and unless unforseeable circumstances arise, it always will be.

    2. It keeps me somewhat organized, and I've been working on using Remember to help keep me on top of tasks.

    3. That peek feature has helped me keep track of what's really important in my messages. Phone goes off, I can look to see if it's just Twitter or Facebook going off, or if it's an e-mail or message that I actually NEED to answer asap.

    4. Keyboard. Touchs-screen (in my case) or physical, BlackBerry does the best keyboards in the business bar none. Flick typing has helped me do long posts very quickly with little effort, and the predictive engine inside really figures out just what I mean to say when I'm typing like a mad-man. It's not perfect, no, but it is the absolute best there is yet.

    5. Crackberry.com. Yeah, Crackberry.com is a reason I love my Blackberry. We all help each other out when possible. If someone runs into a problem, someone in the forums is almost bound to know how to fix it.

    6. OTA syncing. I turn on my computer, and my phone starts to sync with my laptop over BlackBerry Link (even if it doesn't work as well as we all want 100% of the time, it still does its job and does it decently well).

    7. Battery life. I always told people to turn off LTE to get more battery life with their devices because they found themselves running low on battery long before they could get themselves to a charger. With my Z30 in particular, I leave LTE on almost all the time. I rarely run right out of battery power, and even getting low is rare, even with a bit of casual gaming done on my lunch break. The only time I wish I had more battery life is when I'm on long trips, listening to music, and simply letting a more graphics intense game run for long periods of time... something that would be the case on ANY phone.

    8. Call quality is better than anything else I've tried, and with the added nicety of your own voice coming through headphones when they're plugged in so you aren't yelling to hear yourself in louder environments.

    9. Durable. Even my "fragile" Z30 has survived more than its share of drops of late, and I've been very very lucky to have had broken screens or anything of the like (knock on wood). An iPhone would have been broken by now.

    10. Smart Sharing. My phone has learned that I tend to share things most often with a very small number of people, and it has already set itself up to make it faster and easier to share with those people very quickly.

    I actually could keep going but I'll cap it at 10.
    01-15-14 11:03 PM
  3. jegs2's Avatar
    Don't love any device, but what follows are some reasons I prefer my 9930 over other smartphones:

    - home screen single-key programmable speed-dial
    - Seamless integration and easy setup of multiple email accounts
    - great call quality
    - physical QWERTY keyboard (I detest full-slab phones)
    - programmable indication LED
    - superb music player, including online services
    - great battery life (always get a full day, and sometimes longer)
    01-15-14 11:24 PM
  4. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    If I were going to expose my geekdom, I would start by saying that my emotional attachment to every BlackBerry I've owned up until now is probably unhealthy. Serious emotional attachment. Just having it in my hands makes me feel awesome, almost bumps up my personal confidence, just sitting in my living room.

    Anyway, ten. Hmm.

    1. Keyboard. Love writing.

    2. It's made by a company with unparalleled world class security history.

    3. It allows full control of my data. Mass storage access, on device file management and the ability to manipulate everything I want to the way I want to.

    4. Simplicity. I always felt BBOS and now BB10 were elegant, smooth, comfortable. BBOS in particular fit me like a glove. I always felt it had tremendous personality. Don't care about anyone else's opinion on that regard. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    5. As everyone else says; Battery life. My BB's have always exceeded my idea of "satisfactory" performance. Despite how heavily I rely on and use my device, my treatment of it and the stuff I do must be proper, because it's never let me down.

    6. Reliability to the max. Over the years, I read about various complaints people have with their different BB's, and I never find myself with those issues. I've only ever done a battery pull on purpose because I thought it was akin to taking a shower, giving the BB a clean start. I have had nothing contentment with my devices. Considering my life up to now, luck and fortune have very rarely ever smiled on me, so either with BlackBerry I have been lucky or its something to do with my habits and usage.

    7. My history with BB. I love everything I've been thru. I'm nostalgic as h*ll when it comes to everything I've learned and experienced with each device. I don't want to go into different scenarios and stories, but my BB has been so valuable, and just like I said before, reliability. They have always been my "best friend." There helping me handle so many things in my adult life, and valuable and just present for some of my better and worst times.

    8. It's a smartphone. It allows me to manage my finances, pay my bills, organize my life, maintain awesome photo albums of my daughter's life up until now, it allows me to write anywhere anytime and even enabled me to publish a book using it, it allows me to carry a very large music library with me (because I love music big time), it allows me to look up any information I need or want to have at any moment in time, and of course people take for granted how fortunate we are to be able to message or talk to someone at any moment on a whim. I still think of it as a miraculous and wonderful thing to have.

    9. It's not made by Google. Pardon the following opinion but it has never and will never change: Of all tech companies that exist right now I despise them and anything to do with them as they are without a doubt the most devious company I've ever met. Data phishers and really, an advertising company that made an OS? To me that'd be like Ford going into the fast food business. I also don't appreciate how they took the Linux kernel, which is inherently secure by nature, and used it to craft the least secure and most inefficient OS a chip could ever see.

    10. My most favorite thing about my BlackBerry; it is MINE.

    Posted from BitPusher's Q10
    01-16-14 02:03 AM
  5. SK122387's Avatar
    My Q10:

    1) Keyboard
    2) Battery life
    3) Classic BlackBerry look
    4) Speed Dial
    5) Speaker clarity/loudness
    6) The build quality
    7) Screen quality
    8) Camera
    9) Web browser
    10) The fact that it makes me different from everyone else with an iPhone or Android

    Posted via CB10
    01-16-14 03:50 AM
  6. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I have been hooked on BlackBerrys since my Curve 8320. Here's my list:

    1. Great form factor. Small hands and phone feels perfect in my hands.

    2. Fantastic keyboard. Been typing log documents on my phone.

    3. Smooth as butter. The UI is a pleasure to use.

    4. Solid. Have dropped all of my phones numerous times and all have survived.

    5. Great call quality.

    6. Battery life. I get 10-12 hours of usage even with my Z10. Last longer than the Android devices in my home.

    7. Camera. In app editing, Time Shift and ease of sharing.

    8. Sexy phones. Looks good and I get plenty of compliments.

    9. So many accessories available from cases to dock chargers.

    10. Hub, Peek and Flow, BlackBerry Travel App, StoryMaker - everything that makes the BB10 unique.

    I just enjoy using a phone that has not let me down and keeps my busy life organized.

    BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925
    01-16-14 06:45 AM

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