1. leorzahavi's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I'm finally purchasing Curve 8520. But since I'm totally new to smart phones so i want to ask last thing before purchasing it that will it support apps and can i download free music,games and other stuff from my blackberry 8520.Please do reply as soon as possible.

    Leor Zahavi
    05-30-12 03:50 AM
  2. velociraptor89's Avatar
    Why don't you try the 9220? I don't think it's still advisable to buy an 8520 at this point of time. Don't you want the latest OS?

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    05-30-12 04:23 AM
  3. ichat's Avatar
    8520 is very outdated. It isn't worth buying anymore. Old OS, low speed, not many good apps and more.

    That's why the 9220 is much better for the same price.

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    05-30-12 05:09 AM
  4. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    +1, agree with the others, get yourself a low-priced OS7 device... you will enjoy it more.
    05-30-12 08:42 AM
  5. leorzahavi's Avatar
    So, by reading all views 9220 is a better option. Thanks to all who replied me.

    Leor Zahavi
    06-01-12 02:46 AM
  6. otacon's Avatar
    Apps are NOT usually free on BB... But it's money well spent. Just read some reviews (if available), and if there's a trial version, try the app out first.

    The strength of BB is the communication. You'll be amazed at the mail, BBM etc...
    06-01-12 03:06 AM
  7. DorisWalz's Avatar

    Leor Zahavi, blackberry 8520 is an extraordinarily accessible Smartphone it provides rich multimedia capabilities and access to music, games and other mobile stuff for entertainment.

    Leor Zahavi, if you are on the way of purchasing a blackberry 8520 then go for it. I hope you will be satisfied after purchasing it.

    07-04-12 12:37 AM