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    Let me get this straight. People are still buying BlackBerry handsets. Most of these handsets are running an older OS, but they are keeping the company afloat. And this is a bad thing? Really?

    BB OS 7 didn't cause BB10 to sputter out of the gate, the company formerly known as Research In Motion did. Great products, but poor execution, roll-out, marketing, and a host of other missteps and blunders.

    You should thank your lucky stars that enough people still want legacy BBs, because they are the reason the company is still around, not BB10.

    If the company can actually execute well for the first time in years, they can stay around long enough for BB10 to gain some serious traction. The transition will happen, but it needs time. And it needs a device that legacy users can be confident in. The Q10 was a good step in that direction, but not a big enough step.

    John Chen is doing something that hasn't been done at BlackBerry in years: he's listening to his customers. And his customers are saying, verbally and with their pocketbooks, that given the choice between the current BB10 lineup and legacy devices, they choose legacy devices.

    So Chen, naturally, has tried to figure out why that is and deliver a BB10 device - the Classic - that appeals to his customers. And in the meantime, he is keeping the Bold 9900 series around as a stopgap.

    Please tell me how listening to your customers who are keeping you in business is a bad thing.
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    04-15-14 12:23 AM
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    You have no evidence that they have "no problems" with BIS today so I'm dumbfounded how you can say the "evidence points in the other direction."

    Blackberry scrapped BIS from BB10 because it made no sense to keep BIS these days. They can probably have a toggle in the browser to compress data, similar to what Google and Microsoft does (using SPDY or proxy), but BIS is for the 90s and it has outlived its benefits in a ton of markets. There are better solutions these days.

    Yes, there are markets where the infrastructure is so bad that BIS may provide a benefit, but those are not markets where Blackberry is raking in cash, anyways. As those markets mature, and their data infrastructures become better, users will migrate off BIS so it is far from a reliable source of revenue. Markets like the US, UK, and others have pretty much given them a case study for that.
    UK carriers are dropping BB10 devices but still selling BBOS devices with BIS, isn't that evidence?

    PS I'm pretty sure there was no BIS in the 90's

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    04-15-14 02:18 AM
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    I don't think there are many supporters of BB10, over here. And they support and buy Legacy devices, and they cry why sales of Blackberry are dropping. What majority of people buy is actually what majority of people see. And that's the reason why even Carriers don't want to keep Blacberry10 devices, and are trying to get rid of them as soon as possible.
    No, i'm not going to address or quote anybody anymore, inhere. Because most of you think about milking a cow(Legacy), without thinking about quality of the milk(you know.).
    There was a reason back then when Blackberry was the king, they had probably the best mail oriented phone, and that was pure innovation. Nowadays even a 40$ can do all of that, pretty accurately. Innovation is still there, with BB10, but your ignorance is what's going to kill it. Chen is actually right, why sell a phone when it doesn't make profit. I thought CEO was wrong, but it turns out that Blackberry's own customers aren't right. People who give bad name to BB10 haven't really tried one, and those who did, probably failed to observe the innovation in them, and then say 'it's actually BB10 which is killing Blackberry'. I guess Thorsten Heins did a mistake by announcing Blackberry10 Devices to the market, because, from the posts inhere, it seems(my view, Not Yours) people don't really want innovation and new things, or better say weren't prepared for innovation. And do you know what happens to things which don't learn to move on?, they fade away. And people who are willing for a change, are the ones who are enjoying Blackberry's future phones, and know what's better.
    Don't give innovation a bad name, because it's not cheap. It's pretty expensive, sometimes even costs things like lives, civilizations. then what do you think will happen to a company.

    Mods, if possible, please close this thread. Thank you
    04-15-14 05:26 AM
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    So the OP now wants his thread closed after he couldn't take what the replies and feedback said? Hmm... maybe he shouldn't have made it? I have no problems with BIS or bb7 or bb10. If it sells, keep producing it, rake in the profits, continue. Once bb7 stops being bought and is not profitable, that's it! Bb10 would then take it's place.

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    04-15-14 05:48 AM
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    At some point you have to take a break from innovating and just perfect your product. There's a major race to innovate and nothing works properly, yet everybody seem to accept all the problems and all the bugs. The iphone is just as guilty as every other platform here.

    I say stop innovating for a while and give me a super stable product that doesn't delete all my SMS and emails.

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    04-15-14 05:55 AM
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    I don't know what all the fuss is all about. Once BB10 can do everything that the Legacy OS can do, plus whatever benefits BB10 can do, then the shift away from the old OS will be seamless.
    The rollout of BB10 was anything but. Even the most stalwart supporter would have to admit that.
    So, let Mr. Chen have his turn at transitioning away from the Legacy OS. At this point, and with the company still bleeding cash, he has nothing to lose. And may keep existing customers in the fold.

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