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    Ok folks..so it goes like this. I started out with a 8520...moved to a 9700 then after two of those moved to a Storm 2. Then back to a 9700...then I tried the 9800. Wasn't happy with that so I moved to the 9780...wasn't happy with that so I moved to a 9900 (which I could not afford and now am in debt over)...wasn't happy with that so (brace yourselves) I left blackberry and got a HTC...right that's where it went pear shaped, I admit it. I temporarily lost my senses and got on board the HTC train. I am actually ashamed to say that at the first sign of trouble I jumped the RIM ship...after having sworn alliance to them until the bitter end. Frankly I would have expected more of myself.
    However, tomorrow I'm getting back on board the RIM train with a 9800. I am going to customize it and install (DIY of course), the white housing. I just get a feeling that it will be better in white. I've done the black thing till I'm tired of it now.
    I cannot wait to get back all my contacts (OBVIOUSLY backed up) and get back into BBM. that really is an unrivalled messaging experience! it will be good to get back to the good old typing using the trusty signature BB physical keyboard...
    02-03-12 06:59 PM
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    Go for a 9810 or 9900.
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    02-03-12 07:10 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    Some people have bad luck with red cars. Hope you had a good time playing the field. Welcome back!
    02-03-12 07:39 PM
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    glad to have you back

    and go for the white 9810, it has a few more things than the 9800, hardware upgrades and os 7 on 9810
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    02-03-12 09:17 PM
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    LOL how sad is it that as you mentioned all the model numbers i knew what ones you were talking about LOL. Glad your back into the light though . Putting a personal touch on your BB, as in a coloured houseing, is a good way to feel more connected with your BB. Getting an orange one for my fiance for her 8530 and im getting a blue one for my 9000 off of Ebay
    02-03-12 09:45 PM
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    Do you upgrade your phone every 6 months? LoL

    Because IIRC Bold 9700 was released before Curve 8520. I've got my Bold 9700 for what? 3 years? I forgot. The phone was relatively new when I got it, and you've already got 8 under your belt!

    But IMO 9800 is not a good choice for coming back. OS6 is not a big improvement from OS5, and I heard 9800 is no longer in production?

    Go up 10 points and get a 9810. Or, if you want to go crazy, go for 9700 like mine OS5 is the best OS RIM has ever made so far
    02-03-12 10:06 PM