03-04-17 10:37 AM
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    OP, just ignore those post lack of technical details. try to read those posts provide you the link of WHY the two display technology are still compete to each other, not replace one by the other... both got pro and cons. As a designer of the handsets, the chap has to select one or the other based on many tradeoffs... such as life of the device, environment of usage - (for Merc, it might be all weather, including sunlight readable, color balance - it might carry more weight than you think, because the sony camera... you don't want to have a superior camera, but display an saturated color to ruining the image, OLED, is made by organic, it is a bit more susceptable to sun light damage... just look at your plastic lawn chair change color and become brittle over the time sitting outside...refreshing rate, etc. etc.). I got z30, it was looks great from the start, but a bit low output now... contrast is not as good as before... it is hardly used in outside, knowing the potential harmful would cause from the sun. You can not ask chaps upon purchasing comes with warning label... especially, the places that near the equator. IMHO, if you have a great camera, that means you intend for chaps going out to take photos, most likely, in a sunny day with chaps white water rafting, mountain climbing, sitting outside cafe people watching... LCD is better... (VR 3D, LCD is definitely better.. off topic here).
    03-04-17 09:11 AM
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    [WARN]Closed for review[/WARN]

    I'm leaving this closed, as all points of view have been expressed, and all that is left would be bickering.
    03-04-17 10:37 AM
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