1. barko12's Avatar
    I have two questions that hopefully someone can help me with. (I've searched the Forums with no luck)

    1.) After a long night out with some buddies the bouncers at the local tavern decided it was time for us to leave, we thought differently, needless to say a couple knees to the side of my body resulted in a broken blackberry pearl. When I turn on the Phone all I have is a white screen. Now through research I found that this could mean a 'nuked' berry, however I downloaded 'JML CM' (or something along those lines) and took a screen shot of my phone while it was on and it looks the phone is working as normal. Before I waste my money on a new LCD, I just wanted to confirm that it most likely is a busted LCD screen.

    2.) I couldn't wait that long to be without a blackberry, so i bought a used bold off ebay. Now I keep getting this persons Emails (like 100 a day), I am trying to stop this (even though some of the emails are entertaining), but I don't know what service books to delete / what procedure I need to follow.

    Thanks for the help!
    05-13-09 02:19 PM
  2. Tifoso's Avatar
    find the service book that reads


    I think you need to log onto your BIS account and make sure all is good there too.
    05-13-09 02:53 PM
  3. stephenabyrne's Avatar
    I did that a few days ago, I deleted one that read had a yahoo extension[CMIME]. But i have still been receiving them. There aren't anymore that look obvious or have a [CMIME] Extension.
    05-13-09 04:10 PM