01-31-13 01:38 PM
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  1. mmcpher's Avatar
    I confess to no small amount of virtual foot-stomping and pouting over the delay, as if in culmination of years of waiting, waiting, waiting. But the Q&A made me feel better, and the Z10 really, really is looking better and better and will definitely be my first non-qwerty phone ever. Not saying I won't go to the Q10 when that comes out, but I am already signed up for that date in the not too distant future when it will be available in the US. I was badgering a stand-up guy who works for BB, complaining and whining about the delay, as if he hadn't a clue himself. I'm just a user and a disproportionately avid fan and the waiting is hardest part. It must be torture for people who work for BB, but this guy was, while acknowledging the unfortunate delay, enthusiastic and ultimately convincing. As the reviews began to trickle in, in my sour mood, I was jumping on the negative ones, but even there, correcting for historical bias, between the lines there was a begrudging acknowledgement that the Z10 is not only a competitive device, but a new and distinct one that may have just pushed the virtual keyboard envelope, no small thing at all. And then there were some really positive reviews from formerly unlikely sources which turned the corner. As I sampled the press coverage since the launch, even with negative coverage focused on the delay, the subtext, which is likely more meaningful in the long run than the delay headlines, was that the frustration is exacerbated precisely because the Z10 is an actual BB Object of Desire! So when it finally comes, some people might recall all the fuss and feathers ruffling now and recall it as something definately worth looking into. I can't hardly wait.
    01-31-13 12:46 PM
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    Why Blackberry is not going to survive:
    1. Thorstein sold his shares @ 18.17 last week. How many did he sell (what % of his total holdings?) and was it a stock option?
    2. He did a terrible presentation just like previous ones. Vivek showed more excitement than Thorstein. Thorsten is great in interviews, terrible on stage
    3. I think if he does make a deal with other parties, it is mainly to enrich himself and the execs and they'll be gone. He shows he could care less about the employees. Seriously, they had lots of time to prepare for this much-anticipated presentation and there was nothing that people didn't already know. I disagree
    4. Missing out on the biggest market in the world (USA) is going to affect them big time. Yes, but this is partially out of their control. They announced the date a while ago, and carriers across the world were able to certify the devices. In the US, they go through a very extensive testing process before devices are allowed to connect to the network. This is a carrier decision, NOT RIMs.
    01-31-13 01:26 PM
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    I would like to use this post to remind everyone what the purpose of this thread was. I dont want to hear complaining and more complaining, the intention was to post what we thought was missing from the launch and then post ways that we can help bridge the gap between the launch an the true functionality of the phones.

    I agree. The phone and OS work beautifully together, and NONE of that was shown off.
    ^ That was the point. If you want to complain, thats fine, please do it somewhere else.

    I think the Z10 is awesome, just like my PB, and i am pre-ordering it tomorrow!

    'WE are BlackBerry!'
    01-31-13 01:38 PM
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