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    With all the advanced technology and benefits comes the part of insecurity and ignorance of buying the right and latest mobile phones.There are so many new mobile phones out there in the market that the manufacturers brings day by day and if you are not really into the tech news you would most probably won�t know about it. It would be easier if there was a specifically designed website to get updated about latest mobile phones out there in the market which can be your perfect choice, wouldn�t it? Another thing is security of your mobile. I just read the fact that about 700,000 mobile phones are snatched last year and with all those theft and loss, nothing you can do except find good mobile phone insurance. Another negative part of mobile is having hard time using the latest phone you buy with the sim card provided by your telephone network. If you have problem unlocking the sim card or the phone, the first thing you�d do is call your network service provider. The answer from them will be most probably the phone was designed to work with only one company. This is very true, but only to a certain extent. The thing the company doesn�t want you to know about is unlock codes. So now we have so far came across three of the major problems.
    12-25-08 03:43 AM
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    Stacy, welcome to CB! For future reference, this type of thread or commentary would be better off in the Blackberry Discussion forum, the Off Topic Discussion forum or the Blackberry Storm 9500/9530 forum as that is the type of phone you have listed in your signature.
    12-27-08 08:48 PM