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    I sometimes marvel at how fast technology outstrips my spending budget, or at least my "willingness" to spend more money on the latest and greatest Smart Phone.

    Other than a BlackBerry 7520 that I had on Nextel for a few weeks (the network was too sparse for me and I had to jump back to Verizon back then), My truly FIRST Semi-Smart Phone that I actually used for a while was a Palm Phone. Palm Pilot and Cell Phone merged. It had a Black and White screen, came with s Stylus that you had to use, and I don't recall if it truly was able to surf the internet. But I considered it Smart at the time. Soon after I upgraded to a Motorola Q. This was the old Windows based phone from about 8 or 10 years ago where you truly could surf the internet through a browser, and get all your emails and texts via a QWERTY keyboard, in color. Then one day on a whiff that T-Mo allowed WiFi transparent calling, I Got a BlackBerry Curve, and that was the end of my searching for a Smart Phone that worked for me. Yes, I upgraded, but the platform stayed basically the same through the years.

    I have not really chased latest and greatest since then. Sure, I happened to get a 9780 two weeks before the official launch thanks to a friendly T-Mo store manager in Redmond, Washington. But other than that, I focus on something that works, rather than jumping on the latest and greatest. I have not yet jumped on Q or Z 10 yet. I probably will, but for now the legacy still works for me. Heck, for me a 9900 would be an upgrade to my 9780. And by the time I upgrade to a "10", it will hopefully be available for pennies on the dollar in the used market.

    I have an Android as a backup. It's a Virgin Mobile running Android 2.3 that happens to be on their unbelievable $25 now grandfathered unlimited data plan at 3g. You know what? It's a great backup phone, and it works for me. If i upgraded to 4g or LTE I'd loose the grandfathered plan. It does what I need it to. I can deposit checks remotely to my bank, it's got good navigation, and the footprint of Virgin service many times goes places where my Simple Mobile (T-Mo MVNO) does not.

    I had an iPhone 4s that I used for a while. It was after Apple introduced the 5, and the owner (a friend) sold it to me for $150 with a ton of accessories. I ended up giving it to a friend of mine for the same price. She loves it. I didn't, but it allowed me to play with Siri, and experience iOS hands on for a few months to see if I could use it as my primary phone.

    I see all the clamoring to jump on the latest and greatest. This is admirable in a way, but costly, and disruptive (to me) with having to constantly jump on new technology the moment it comes out. I just got a WindowsPhone 8 via the T-Mo 521. At less than 100 bucks with accessories it was a good deal to try. Nice thing, if you can believe what you read, from WindowsPhone 8 and beyond, MS says you will be able to upgrade to their latest and greatest (software). Hardware permitting. I guess that's the rub.

    Do you just go with what works for you? Do you jump on the latest and greatest ASAP? Or is it a combo of both for you?
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    10-18-13 10:13 AM
  2. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Something that works. If that ends up being the latest or greatest, even better.

    I also refuse to be a paying beta tester for new products, so it all works together.
    10-18-13 10:16 AM
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    Since this is a mobile enthusiast site, the comments you will get will be skewed towards buying the latest and greatest.

    But if you look at the average person on the street and notice how many 2 and 3 year old iPhone 4/4s models are still being used, you will see many people like you.
    10-18-13 10:35 AM

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