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    I'm trying to find a good stereo bluetooth headset for my recently acquired Bold. I've got one major problems though, which is the fact that I have a pretty large head

    Anyone share my pain here? I don't really enjoy in-ear earbuds, but could deal with it if need be.
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    You mentioned headset but hate earbuds (binaural). Do you need this for calls and music, or are just looking for stereo use for music and such? I only ask because I haven't seen any non-earbud-type solutions that are both headphones and a headset (for making calls).

    The Motorola S9 will probably not be a good choice for you. Go to a store and try them out first because I am 6'3" with a more oval head, but they fit tight as it is. I can see if you had a slightly wider head than mine it could become painful.

    The Jabra BT620 might be a better choice since there are less design flaws and it is more flexible than the Motorola S9 for a more customized fit. Jabra BT620s - Stereo Bluetooth headset for music phones and iPod, MP3 players Note that under compatability they want you to call a toll-free number for assistance for the Bold 9000. I am assuming this does not negate compatibility but that there is something in the pairing they may need to share with you.

    All other headset/stereo headphone sets I found were earbuds so there is are limited choices right now, but seems more companies are going this route.

    Good luck
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    You might want to look at the Dell BH200 over the ear stereo bluetooth headset:

    Dell.com BH200 Bluetooth 2.0 Stereo Headset for Dell Vostro 410 Desktop Customer Ratings & Reviews - Top & Best Rated Products

    They fold up small enough to fit into my shirt pocket and have awesome stereo sound. They also have a hidden mic that works great for calls.
    11-17-08 10:49 AM