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    Okay, so after three attempts to get VZW to honor my upgrade pricing 13 days early, after my Blackberry met with partial demise due to water (which rice did not solve), I called today to ask that my data plan be suspended until I am eligible for and can order a new Curve.

    The nice young girl explained that data plans alone can't be suspended (duh, I should have known that) .. BUT she put me on hold, consulted her supervisor, and came back on the line offering me an instant upgrade. I love her, and I don't even know her. Heh.

    Anyway, my device isn't dead. I was able to do a backup just now.

    Does that mean when my new Curve arrives -- assuming it will ship with OS 4.3 (I had upgraded to 4.5), it will automatically load 4.5? Or will I have to upload it separately?

    Weird query; I know. I'd just love to be able to skip that step.
    12-05-08 06:48 PM