View Poll Results: Will BB10 have Kindle at launch?

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  • Yes, and it will have all the features the iOS/Android versions have.

    1 20.00%
  • Yes, but it will be bare bones, like the WP version.

    1 20.00%
  • No, but BB10 will get it months or a year or so after launch.

    1 20.00%
  • BB10 will never get Kindle.

    2 40.00%
  1. ubizmo's Avatar
    Since I use Kindle a lot, I'm very interested in seeing an up-to-date Kindle app on BB10 when it launches. But it's hard to be optimistic, given the failure of Amazon to produce such an app for the PB, even after announcing that there would be one; and given the fact that the BBOS app for OS6 is/was beta and was never updated for OS7. The fact that the OS6 app works on OS7 is a lucky accident.

    By "up-to-date" I mean a Kindle app on the same level as the Android and iOS versions, with a full complement of features, including annotation and highlighting.

    There is an official Kindle app for WP7, but it's not up-to-date. I have no idea whether Amazon plans to update it. It's possible, I suppose, that they no longer want to release full-featured apps on any platform, to give people an incentive to buy Kindle hardware.

    Since we have virtually no real information to go on, other than the precedents I've just mentioned, this is an ideal CB topic. Put on your floppy Nostradamus hat and give us your prognostications.
    05-07-12 08:20 PM