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    Had the same problem I cnt answer calls, read msgs basically everythings f*ed except the scroll pad. All my buttons were not working

    I tryed pulling da battery out, Simcard, memory card, blah blah blah... i tried everything nothing seemed to work


    It doesn't need to have been exposed only to water to mess up your keyboard.

    Even sitting on a bathroom counter during a hot steamy shower or bath can cause keyboard and trackball problems UNTIL properly dried out. It really is more common than you think.
    1. Remove the battery immediately!! Do not attempt to turn on your BlackBerry.
    2. Let the device dry in a warm, dry place for 3 to 5 days* (see below)
    3. DO NOT "check it each day" by placing the battery in. Leave it be to dry completely. This takes time. Replacing the battery to check it can only damage it more (moisture + electrical current = disaster).
    4. If the device is warm after the drying period, allow it to cool to room temperature before placing the battery back in.

    Suggestions on drying your BlackBerry in a warm place (open, with the battery out):
    *Place the BB in a container of dry UNcooked rice, and then you might also place it in any of the locations mentioned below.
    *On top of any dry heat emitting electronic component: TV cabinet or CRT, LCD, cable TV/Satellite converter box or plasma monitor
    *On the dashboard of your car on a sunny day


    Hair dryer


    If that ddnt work for you, i read about a guy bringing it to be cleaned... then i was like ok let me try it on a friends phone... so i went out and took it apart myself cleaned it with q-tips and rubbing alch. and guess what...my **bleep** works great.. there was so much dirt and thats all it was... so try it out..

    Thanks for all the other ideas and trust me ..i spent a good day tryin to get this thing working again and sure enuff it was just dirty... go figure....


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    06-07-11 11:14 AM