1. mrppinzon's Avatar
    Hello there!

    If you speak Spanish and have tryed typing in your blackberry, you sure know that it's kind of annoying.

    But if you are a non-spanish user you may be wondering why is that? well my friend, it is because of the keyboard and his friend the letter " ". When you type in spanish this letter is often necesary but.. it is not in the keyboard.. So you got two opcions there

    a) hold the letter "n" and the scroll the trackball/trackpad until you find it

    b) go to "auto text" and create a new one so its change the word each time you writte it

    both options are totally annoying, often people just don't use either of those, using an * as a repleacement of the .

    but i have been thinking in a idea that could solve the problem, there is a key on the keyboard that a found really pointless, useless, meaningless, etc.. and that key is the "currency key" I never use it.

    So, my idea is that RIM could add an option to the currency key so it could be used as a .

    I would like to know what you people think about it and if you speak spanish if you support it.


    *sorry about any grammatical mistake you could find in the post*
    07-06-10 04:12 AM
  2. bdeshawn's Avatar
    Even when I have the Input language set for Spanish, There is still no available when I hold the letter key down and scroll with the middle button. There are other accented vowels, an , but not an . When I type a word, my 8520 Curve recognizes that it is misspelled, but it offers only more misspelled words (without the accent), you select one and it still says it's misspelled. And that's because it IS. It's an annoying bug. I just downloaded the most recent desktop software, and It appears to be unfinished (incomplete). In my opinion, it's pretty sloppy work. How can we add the missing character(s)?
    07-16-11 09:31 PM
  3. medicinILL's Avatar
    Glad I read this, I always wondered if it was possible for the '' to be written on my BlackBerry and I couldn't figure it out lol now I know
    07-17-11 04:09 AM