1. PottinMachine's Avatar
    Forget about the standard blackBerry keyboard ..

    my question is around the Multi Language Keyboards such as Arabic, Greek, Turkish etc, which basically has the English letters + letters from a different languages (you can google it to see what am talking about) ..

    what i need to know is: Are those multi lang keyboards get installed by RIM OR they actually get installed in other regions where the devices are going to be sold??

    am asking because am concerned about the quality of the keyboard. I mean is it the same as the original and is the installation it self was done properly and professionally ..

    or am i completely off mark here and the extra foreign letters are printed with laser or something?!
    03-10-11 11:41 AM
  2. emhalwis's Avatar
    I think they get installed by RIM, since every blackberry comes to my country untouched. US blackberrys are made in Mexico, ours are made in Hungary. Maybe that's why they come with multi language keyboards.

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    03-10-11 03:08 PM