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    Regrettably I decided to buy the K2. I was going to wait until I could get the 128GB but because I have filled my K1 with so many apps the Hub kept crashing, which, perhaps wrongly, I put down to lack of memory, hence why I went for the K2.

    The K2 feels cheap. Although the keys are easier to hit the keyboard 'creaks', it feels like you are using a toy. They K1 feels much more sturdy and feels like a high end phone.

    The software is better on the Key2, I do like the new update to the Locker app, being able to hide apps and files as well as pictures is a great new addition. It means you can now hide apps like Google Pay and Banking apps from the system, then hide the Locker app itself behind a long key press and then you need a fingerprint to get into those apps. A definite plus. But of course once the K1 gets Android Orio I assume that the Locker app will get the update and might find myself removing some apps to free up memory and go back to the K1.

    Taking screenshots is now annoying, with the key1 this was very simple, one thumb on the left button, other thumb on the down volume and done, now with the key 2 you have to twist your hand round the back of the phone to press the down button and have your thumb on the main button. This is a definite step backwards. Maybe there is another button I will need to assign. But it is silly. I think most people type with both thumbs (don't they?) so when typing, if you need to take a screenshot it was very simple to move one thumb to the left and one to the right. Maybe I am being pedantic. But its not a natural movement any longer.

    Cant seem to get my Key2 to work with Google Pixel Buds. Most annoying. Now I am going to have use my Key1 as an iPod. Great!

    The screen view on the Key1 is much crisper and bright.

    Overall not impressed.
    07-01-18 06:31 AM
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    Sorry to hear that as I'm looking forward to getting the K2. As for taking screen shots you could use notable as it can be pulled down from the notification area and is easier than the other method. Or you can assign a key to pull the notification tray to get to notable. Maybe with a bit of more time you may change your mind if you get the Bluetooth sorted out. Good luck and hope it goes well for you.

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    07-01-18 06:43 AM
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    I'm hoping build quality improves with production. K1 had the notorious screen lift issue that seemed to get worked out during the production run.
    07-01-18 10:11 PM
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    I just ordered mine. If there's anything really egregiously wrong with your device in terms of hardware, definitely get a warranty replacement. Otherwise, some of the issues you're bringing up are fixable - check the forums, there are some different things mentioned re: upping the screen brightness, for example turning on Auto brightness when outside. A software update might fix this also.

    The *keyboard* does use plastic parts, but the phone itself is Series 7 Aluminum with Corning Gorilla Glass 4....not cheap materials whatsoever. The camera is same sensor as Galaxy S9. Software update should help improve, a bit.

    To me, owning a BlackBerry these days is about the Hub, Security, and the keyboard. I think the rest is gravy, personally.

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    07-02-18 12:48 PM
  5. BBUniq01's Avatar
    I have the KEYone Black Limited Edition and am not planning on upgrading to the KEY2 since I am very happy with my K1. But I want BlackBerry to succeed with the KEY2, so hoping to read more positive reviews on this device as I promote it on social media.
    07-09-18 09:50 PM

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