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    Hey Kevin, So ill try to make it short,...i am one of the winners of the #BlackBerry10NYC fan night contest,due to a mix up in the rules i was unable to attend the fan night but the representative assured me that they will be shipping my device following the event with an included sub-prize for the replacement of the 3 invites to the event, I've been in constant follow up with her since then,she emailed me asking my network (cdma,gsm) i told her im on sprint but would not mind a gsm if its quicker to get to me,and so she replied last week monday that they will be shipping me a gsm device and they were working on getting it shipped out within the next couple days(this was in the reply last monday),its now close to 8 days since then,i emailed back asking if it will be shipped out within this week and if i would be receiving my device before this months end (this was since friday) and no reply yet,im trying to be patient here but not understanding why it is taking them this long to have the package shipped out to me.
    02-19-13 06:58 PM
  2. SK122387's Avatar
    I'm not Kevin... but I think it might have to do with the fact that the promotions team is something like a 3rd party or something, maybe contracted by BlackBerry...If it is anything like winning a prize from BlackBerry on Twitter, I can relate. A few months ago, I won a Proud To Be Canadian 9900 case with a cool red maple leaf on the back. I won on Twitter, and BlackBerry direct messaged me and got my email address.

    The person who emailed me did not have a BlackBerry email address, but instead had some other business address. I forget what it was, since it was a while back, but it definitely seemed like this company was in charge of doing this promotion for BlackBerry. The lady sent me a waiver in the form of a PDF file, that I had to print out, then scan and email back to her as an attachment, basically signing that I do not work for BlackBerry and that I won't sell the case or anything. And then, like you, I played the waiting game.. it came about 2 weeks later. With this contest, I don't know if this company had the BlackBerry prizes on-hand, ready to be shipped, but it did seem a little long...but I wasn't gonna complain, because free means free, and it's a cool case.

    So with yours, I'm guessing it's probably something similar...but the delay might be because they have to get the prizes FROM BlackBerry and then ship it to you..since the prize basically said you'd get your BB10 device AT the actual event. If I were you, I'd call BlackBerry and ask if there is anyone you can talk to there, or if there is a way you can talk to whoever's running this giveaway (if it is indeed third party). By now, I'm sure they have your name and info, since you were originally on their guest list.

    Good luck!
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    02-19-13 07:23 PM
  3. SirJes's Avatar
    Thanks and yes it did say AT the event but due to a mistake on their behalf in the rules it came off somewhat as a loophole,i signed waiver and everything stating that i agree to receiving a bb10 device and subprize,so i guess its the waiting game,i thought they it should have been shipped already seeing that everyone did receive their prize right after the event(those who attended) thought they would have had the device waiting to be shipped.
    02-19-13 07:35 PM

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