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    I switched from nokia to blackberry last week. On my nokia phone I used the blackberry connect software (it just receives and sends mail via BIS or BES) that was EXCELLENT while abroad. It did the job, and I was using around 1.5MB PER MONTH always on, so no problems while roaming.

    I made an afternoon abroad, and switched data on for only 2 hours. It cost me a roaming cost for 150kb....... (stupid me I clicked accidentally the facebook icon)

    I disabled the auto update in twitter, and have gtalk on (would like to keep it - it shouldn't be a "data"-pig, right?)
    Facebook as long I dont open the notifications shouldn't consume any more data than the mail it uses to push the notification with, right?
    I cannot switch off the "update" pushes that come with appworld.
    I disabled html mail.

    Other tips?

    I would like to keep the data usage as low as possible, while utilizing the hungry apps only under wifi coverage, hopefully I should get to my old nokia data usage?

    06-17-10 03:16 PM
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    u could go options> mobile network> data services >off or while roaming off. click the bb menu button and click save.. least thats how it works on my 8530
    06-17-10 03:24 PM
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    Disable automore in messaging general options, set download images automatically to no in your email settings options for each account, opt out of any newsletters, mark emails you don't wanna read as read, don't open them. Use wifi where possible. Use the mobile facebook site instead of the app, set your browser not to show images, you can choose yourself if you wanna see them using the menu button. That's all I can think now.

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    06-17-10 03:41 PM
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    Thanks for the answer! Facebook was an error, I don't think I would ever use it while roaming.

    Anyway, on gtalk I can disable the "show pictures" that will hopefully prevent the phone from downloading new contacts' pictures.
    Is there a way to do the same with BBM?
    06-18-10 04:48 AM
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    Make sure you have the latest bbm version, you don't just get the pics anymore, you have to confirm first. You can also preview them before downloading, it gives you a small resolution version.

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    06-18-10 04:58 AM