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    I was talking to an EE sales representative today and asked him about when they would be getting the Z30, what followed was mixture of fact and opinion about the current position and future of BlackBerry. First he said he wasn't even sure they would be stocking it because even if BlackBerry has announced it, they are in the middle of a possible sale with no certain future in the view of mobile carriers, meaning they would be hesitant to support/stock it. I asked him about the sales of his particular store and he said although in general all three devices had sold well, the 5s sold more in one day than they had sold of all three devices so far, the S4 was not too far behind with about 3 days before overtaking BlackBerry sales. After this rather grim outlook, he surprised me by saying he knew Blackberry would survive in some way shape or form , but I'm terms of a sale, he hoped rather than a shareholder buying the company such as Fairfax, who he believes would change nothing about BlackBerry (good and bad bits) he would rather Samsung bought it, and his main reason was just the way Samsung market their phones, which is the only main problem he sees with BlackBerry, being able to create a hype around their product. Most Crackberry members have said that they would jump to android of BB fails, but what if BlackBerry came under android? Would Samsung be willing to keep the ethos of blackberry hardware and software? Or should they buy only the consumer part of the business and leave Fairfax to deal with the enterprise part? Not saying I agree with any of the above but it's an interesting perspective...thoughts?

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    09-26-13 08:20 AM
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    It is no surprise both the Galaxy as well as the iPhone sold more. Just look at the iPhone 5S/5C: They sold more than nine million units during launch weekend, a new record, even though so many people predicted (again) that iPhone sales would finally start to suffer.

    BlackBerry on the other hand just sold a very few million BB10 handsets since launch. So you shouldn't wonder why a single store has the competition outselling BBRY.

    I am not sure why Samsung should buy BlackBerry right now. Yes, Samsung is looking to get much more ground in enterprise sector and they keep equiping their handsets with more and more business related features.
    If Samsung wouldn't have Tizen already, I might think BlackBerry would be interesting for them: They'd get their own, fully controlled OS with BB10. They'd get the BB business infrastructure and reputation. It would be an interesting deal for Samsung. But since they've already invested so much in Tizen and further Android development, they won't place any bids for BBRY.

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    09-26-13 08:35 AM

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