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    to all my very informed and knowledgeable blackberry friends:

    i have searched the forums and found some similar problems but no solutions have helped me and so i'm going to try my own thread and see if there's not something else someone could advise me to do.

    i have a 8330 with sprint's OS. i haven't upgraded or downgraded or changed my desktop manager or anything else, but i all of a sudden started having a problem with syncing.

    i used to sync my calendar and contacts one-way (from device to outlook) and i had my settings set to confirm deletions but not to confirm changes/additions. in this way, my outlook would receive all new information for my calendar and contacts and would ask me what to do with the deletions and i would reject them, so that i could clear out what i don't need on my blackberry but keep a record of the information on my outlook.

    however, today i went to sync and my contacts had no deletions but some changes/additions and those went just fine. my calendar had both additions and deletions and per usual, when syncing i was asked what to do with the deletions and i rejected them. everything seemed fine until i went into my calendar and my additions were not there, though they are on my blackberry.

    i've battery pulled and reset the sync configuration and gone to options>advanced settings>service book and deleted my CICAL address and then battery pulled and then undeleted (per suggestions in other threads). nothing really has worked.

    but weirder yet, when i set the sync configuration to confirm deletions and to confirm change/additions, i see that my additions are recognized, but i can't add them because accepting the additions would at the same time delete all my items in outlook.

    sorry for writing an entire book, but i'm really frazzled because i really want to keep old appointments on my outlook but i need to get the new appointments on there too and i haven't figured out a way to fix this--because remember, it was working in the past.

    oh crackberry geniuses--any help you have would be greatly appreciated!!!
    09-27-08 03:51 PM
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    bump...i know this is long but i'm still hoping for a response
    09-28-08 12:35 PM
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    I am having a similar issue. I have a VZW 8830 running the OS and I am using the 4.6 Desktop Manager. My BB keeps trying to delete 222 recent items out of my both my Outlook calendar and my device calendar. I have seen in other threads through searches that the device does this to try to save space even though I have my calendar settings set to keep all. This is highly frustrating! It happened to me the for the 1st time the other day and I thought it was a fluke so I redid all the sync settings in the desktop manager and got everything back on my device and nothing was lost from my Outlook. I dont want to have to keep doing this exercise everyday. If this is going to happen all the time then I will definitely switch back to my Moto Q9m which never gives me syncing issues. I know I am using a beta OS, but it looks like other people are having this same issue on their original OS's. Somebody please have a fix!
    09-30-08 09:12 AM
  4. miata492's Avatar
    As another note:
    I do have my sync settings set properly in the desktop manager plus I have it set to have my desktop override the handheld.
    09-30-08 09:42 AM
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    miata492: i finally got mine to work but then had the issue again and resolved it the same way.

    in DM in the syncronize/configure option, when you go to the tab to configure syncronization, there is a button at the bottom to reset default sync settings. this pretty much deletes all your sync set-ups and you would need to go back in and enter what you want again, but when i did this, it finally added my new appointments

    hope this works for you, though i'd be sure about the option for desktop overriding the handheld. mine is not set up for this since i only sync device to outlook. i wouldn't want you to lose all your data from one to the other or something.

    good luck!
    10-03-08 12:12 PM
  6. ezsailor's Avatar
    I'm a newbie and wanting to sync my Curve and outlook. In ActiveSync, it took the lastest information (either on the phone or laptop) and that was the overiding information (i.e. you had a appointment time, then needed to change it... you changed it on your computer, it automaticly updated it on your phone.

    It seems w/ BB, you have either the phone or laptop as the priority... am I missing something? Thanks for your help!!
    10-05-08 02:20 AM