1. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Have $250 BB 8530 Virgin Mobile prepaid for $35/month unlimited text/data, 300 anytime minutes. ~$1100 after 2 years.

    Or upgrade to...

    $200 Milestone1, $25 activate fee, $10 line fee, $50/month unlimited text/data, 450 anytime minutes. ~$1450 after 2 years.


    • Can't transfer current phone# to Milestone - real annoying for all my contacts.
    • I hate the camera on the BB, it's so bad but not sure Mile is THAT much better?
    • Apps cost $$ on BB, where Mile would be mostly free.
    • Apps better on Mile for sure.
    • Find it weak sauce my carrier wants $200 for such dated hardware.
    • BB has much more informative lock screen than Mile.
    • Max. OS on Mile will be 2.1
    • Push email better on BB, which is what I use most.

    BB does do most things perfectly fine excelling at smaller size, email, BBM, fast UI, fast info at a glance.

    Droid has a camera, better screen, apps and I think longer battery life.

    The shredded wheat side of me says keep the BB. The frosted side says go droid!!
    09-20-10 02:46 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Your money, Your call. Do what works best for Y O U!!
    09-20-10 02:54 PM