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    Okay can anyone explain what this error? I'm starting to get real nervous around Blackberries....

    With my 8703e I had this error start popping up for the last few weeks I had it. It would get stuck in a cycle where the only option was to reset the phone, I'd reset it and then that error would pop up and I'd have to reset the phone again. I'd take it to Sprint, they'd end up giving me a new phone because they didn't know what else to do, and then it'd happen again.

    I fixed the problem by downloading the newest version of the OS to my 8703e and then it was fine.

    Until yesterday. That error popped up on my new Pearl when I was trying to speed dial. After practically having heart attack, I reset the phone and it came back up as normal.

    But my question is, what is that error from? Why do I keep getting it? I'm terrified it's going to freeze up my Pearl like it did to my 8703e.
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    Anyway, with regards to your issue, error 523 reset means a "System process died" You'll need I would reload the entire handheld OS again.

    1. Install the software from the CD (that you received with the device), or download it from the service provider (AT&T).

    2. Delete or rename the vendor.xml file, here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader (you're windows file options needs to be set to 'show system files', to see said file...

    3. Open Desktop Manager (DM)...

    4. Connect the Red Pearl (since am sure that's what you have!)...

    5. Doing this will force the pc to see the BlackBerry as new hardware, and thus force it to reload the Operating System (OS)...

    6. During the process, select YES to do a backup...

    7. The whole process should take about 30-45 minutes...

    But, since this has happened so many times, I have to ask myself, is it something you're doing that it causing this? I know the Red Pearls from AT&T have had issues from DAY ONE!
    Hope this will help.
    04-23-08 10:15 AM
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    Should I wait until the error comes up again or do it now?

    And does anyone know what makes it happen? If I had just downloaded something, I would've known why it did it but I hadn't downloaded anything new...
    04-23-08 10:37 AM
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    Here is another thread regarding the error.

    04-23-08 10:54 AM
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    Sigh. I keep getting the error and I've followed the instructions. I don't know what else to do.
    04-23-08 09:50 PM
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    The instructions take you through the reinstall of your software. Have you completed rebuilding your device?

    I note that naviwilliams mentions:

    ... have to ask myself, is it something you're doing that it causing this? I know the Red Pearls from AT&T have had issues from DAY ONE!
    Deeper search in progress...
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    JVM 523 FIX - STOP WIPING YOUR BBs!!! - PinStack.com - BlackBerry forums

    JVM523 is the result of an icon/program loaded on your blackberry that is not compatible with your current theme.

    You'll notice that you only get the JVM error when you scroll to a certain icon.

    First, figure out which icon causes the error. Not a big mystery here, just scroll until your BB resets.
    A badly formed icon. That would match JW comment about a base issue with the 8130.

    You can likely confirm this by changing to a different theme for a while.

    Found an exact meaning for the error:

    “Uncaught exception: Process killed due to message queue overflow”
    You are certainly not the only one with this issue.

    Blackberry JVM 523 Error / Reset - Docendi.org

    I believe that this item below may help out a lot of people who have a

    I had an error on my Blackberry 8703e. The error message was "JVM 523
    Error / reset".

    I found out from doing some research and calling the tech support of
    my telephone company, that this is a known bug with a number of models
    of the Blackberry. Its occurrence can be random.
    The cause is
    suspected to be that the Blackberry is going in to some kind of a loop
    or hang-up with its Java software.

    It may take a fair number of re-sets by removing the battery to get
    the Blackberry going again. The looping problem has to be re-set.

    You can also re-set the Blackberry by pressing the Alt-Num-Del keys as
    like the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys back in the PC DOS days. You must get the
    sequence of pressing these keys exactly right, and hold them down for
    about 6 seconds. This is a warm re-start, not a cold re-start as like
    removing the battery.

    One thing that happens most of the time when the Blackberry is
    starting up and the error is still present, it will give its regular
    desktop screen for about 5 to 7 seconds. This is before it shows this
    error with a full white screen.

    A way that sometimes breaks the loop, is that as soon as the desktop
    screen is present, start alternatively {not together} clicking the
    "Stop Key" (Red Hang-up Key) and the "Escape Key" (Push Button on the
    side below the scroll key). This may get the Java program to abort.

    A symptom of this problem can show when you start seeing the
    Blackberry is starting responding slowly while working with it.
    Eventually it will go in to this error mode by itself, or it will
    happen the next time you make it do a re-set.

    If you have this problem, a good cleanup to try before re-installing
    its operating system is to delete all the service book files, and re-
    load them from your service provider's Blackberry email and setup
    utility on the net. This will usually fix a lot of bugs with this

    If the problem is not resolved, then a forced re-start can be done by
    downloading and installing the operating system. For this you will
    have to contact your service provider tech support to have them guide
    you to the correct site and version for your device. You will need the
    Blackberry backup and utility software installed on your PC with high
    speed internet access to do this task.

    Re-installing the operating system is not a fix for this error
    It will fix other problems if the operating system in the
    Blackberry is defective. The idea of the re-installation in this case
    is to force a system stop and a full re-start.

    If you have to re-install the operating system in to your Blackberry,
    it may be advisable for you to have the service department of your
    service provider do this for you. If something goes wrong during the
    process, it is possible to create a non-reversible problem.

    This JVM 523 error is a known issue with a number of models of
    Blackberry. I was told that it has not been properly resolved at this
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    Ugh, I hope it gets resolved soon, this is the most annoying thing. I just can't figure out what icon could be doing it when it will happen randomly, not RIGHT after I've downloaded anything. Last night it was the message icon that was causing problems, and the media icon.

    I'm assuming, though, it's something I'm downloading since it's happened on 2 different models of Blackberries (and 3 different 8703e phones). All I have on my BB is the Facebook app, Weather Eye and JiveTalk (JiveTalk is a recent addition and wasn't on the 8703e so I'm assuming it's not the reason).

    Well, I ended up wiping the handheld out of frustration last night (I think I messed with some file I shouldn't have in my attempt at clearing out some memory) and now it's working. For now.
    04-24-08 10:53 AM
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    That sounds like the best choice. Install the most current version for your device.

    I can not imagine the geeks at BlackBerry are not aware of this and working out the fix for the later versions.

    Hold off on the 3 party apps until you have some confidence in the device. If it continues to work, then re-install one at a time to identify a culprit.

    Good luck.
    04-24-08 12:29 PM