04-07-15 01:32 PM
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    Truthfully, being a younger person carrying the BB was brutal. Every new person I met had something to say about it. I have always been an independent person, and more of a trend starter than follower, so I was ok with it for a long time. It recently got so bad when I visited NY that I decided to switch and just shut everyone up. While I do like the iphone, I miss many aspects of the BB(keyboard is the main one). One thing that I think is a MUST for blackberry to have any chance of increasing their market share is snapchat. This is especially vital when it comes to young adults and teens. I know that most of you know this already, but its importance cant be overstated. I am 26, and almost everyone I have come in contact near my age uses snapchat frequently. Blackberry HAS to find a way to get snapchat on the phones. Is there any chance of this happening in the near future?
    04-07-15 09:14 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Blackberry is going back to its business roots, "forsaking" the consumer market, for lack of a better word/phrase.
    However, you can download the .apk file for Snapchat, (found on the 'net, and the odds are it will work on a BB OS10 device, with the improved Android runtime.
    Here are the .apk files to download found thru a google search. If you still have your BB, you can try it out.
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    04-07-15 09:21 AM
  3. bjohnston7's Avatar
    Android Snapchat runs ok. It can be downloaded from the Google play client Snap. Snap has to be installed on your phone through USB computer. Directions in link.


    It would be really nice if all those apps (Insta, Snapchat, etc..) came native on the BlackBerry App World. Need more people using Blackberries to have app developers make apps and update. There is still an image problem around BlackBerry that they're going out of business but that is very slowly going away.

    Someone like you is what is needed to keep the Brand alive with the younger people. I am a millennial and gets lots if flack about using a BlackBerry still. I like a good underdog story and I am not giving up yet...
    04-07-15 09:26 AM
  4. anon(55900)'s Avatar

    This thread nay answer your question, I did just use Snap Google Store loader to download Snap chat from the Google store and it did open and go to log in or register, I don't use it so I can't give any more info. But please click on Crackberry link and some said it works fine.

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    04-07-15 09:29 AM
  5. Ment's Avatar
    Ever since Snapchat recently changed its API to combat third party apps its use in BB10 has been problematic. Threads every day asking why it no longer works, why they can no longer use Snap10, why the android apk works for some and not others, why if it does work why is does XYZ function not work as it should.
    04-07-15 10:17 AM
  6. Maksimfa's Avatar
    You got an iPhone because you were tired of being teased about having a blackberry? I think there are more issues there than the lack of snapchat.

    I am 32, have been using a blackberry device since early 20s, know of plenty of others that do as well.

    If I interviewed someone, and they told me they dumped their productive device, which they liked, to go to an iPhone because they were teased, would instantly be a knock out factor for me. That shows how you deal with adversity.

    Then again, there is always this timeless quote....

    "At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At 40, we don't care what they think of us. At 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all." - Ann Landers
    04-07-15 10:21 AM
  7. Bbnivende's Avatar
    I am over 60 so, I am past the cool period. Back in 2004, my BlackBerry was super cool. The Keyboard phones could be retro cool again, That said, no one has ever commented on my Z10. In a case, one slab phone looks like another.
    04-07-15 10:37 AM
  8. KeshaChart's Avatar
    I'm in the UK, 16 and have a Z30 all you see is iPhones, Androids and increasing Windows Phones and I have a Blackberry people were intrigued in it that BlackBerry have gotten better at design and have praised my phone, the only thing stopping people from coming over is apps not the phones itself it's the apps

    Posted on the underrated Z30 STA100-5
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    04-07-15 11:05 AM
  9. bobby1966's Avatar
    My contract is up next year, and even though my wife works at BlackBerry, I may switch over to Samsung.

    Used my niece's Galaxy s6 on the weekend, and oh what a glorious phone!

    Via my Z30 on the Telus network
    04-07-15 11:33 AM
  10. bigbadben10's Avatar
    Sometimes folks are more comfortable in a crowd. Its safer that way GL with your iPhone.
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    04-07-15 11:43 AM
  11. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    I've had many comment on my BlackBerry both positive and negative. The negatives were ignorant of the BlackBerry 10 OS and had no idea about the new browser etc.

    The positives were usually short, but lost liked the look and feel of the OS. Some are rather stubborn and will stick to the device of the masses because they can play whatever game, but for the serious business folk I've shown, a few have made the change back to BlackBerry.

    My GF is stuck on iOS and will not for the life of me even let me show her the new BlackBerry OS. She's starting to like how my phone can hook up to hotel tv's to watch Netflix :-) plus the battery life and Paratech antenna has raised her eyebrow compared to her iPhone 5s.

    04-07-15 11:44 AM
  12. Mike88888's Avatar
    I thought snapchat was for girls.

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    04-07-15 11:49 AM
  13. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    and Paratech antenna has raised her eyebrow compared to her iPhone 5s.
    Your GF gets impressed by a Paratech antenna? Like, "wow - that phone has a sexy paratech antenna?"


    Sorry ... couldn't resist.
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    04-07-15 11:56 AM
  14. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    My contract is up next year, and even though my wife works at BlackBerry, I may switch over to Samsung.
    Be prepared for comments about the meals Samsung doesn't put on your table.
    04-07-15 11:57 AM
  15. mvpcrossxover's Avatar
    Describe your meal to me since I don't have snapchat.

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    04-07-15 12:00 PM
  16. sir.dangerfield's Avatar
    Why are you concerned with which phone your friends use? You're paying for the phone and cell bill.
    It would be nice if BlackBerry had access to all the apps, but I appreciate the hardware and OS BlackBerry has to offer much more than my favorite app.
    Hope you and your friends love your iPhone.

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    04-07-15 12:08 PM
  17. 1guitarguy's Avatar
    Wow kinda sad to let other ppl dictate how YOU live. But ya they do need snapchat

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    04-07-15 12:25 PM
  18. bp2k7's Avatar
    I'm 30 and live in the US, so needless to say, nobody I know has a BlackBerry. Most people are intrigued by my Passport and ask a lot of questions and are willing to see what it's all about. My two closest friends used to jokingly give me crap for it, but then they noticed random people coming up to me multiple times a day asking what my awesome phone was. Based on my personal experiences of people stopping me to ask me about my phone, it's a huge hit with young people in their 20s. If BlackBerry made a cheaper version for prepaid carriers, I actually think they could have a hit on their hands.

    I think if you're switching phones because of peer pressure, you either need to do some self reflection, or find yourself some better people to hang out with.
    04-07-15 12:43 PM
  19. niumxp's Avatar
    That's your choice bro. Thanks for passing by..next.

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    04-07-15 12:45 PM
  20. raino's Avatar
    04-07-15 12:49 PM
  21. jonnyep's Avatar
    I didnt strictly changed because I was being teased. As much as I liked my blackberry, I am not an *****. I know that the iphone has a lot of things that are better. One of those things is the app selection. I dont think theres any question that the blackberry has improved the internet and smoothness of the operating system, however, they still are behind the iphone as well. Also, for your information, most followers dropped it within a year. I withstood more insults than you could imagine. As a matter of fact, I only knew ONE other younger person that had the blackberry as their only phone by the time I had switched. ONE..
    04-07-15 01:08 PM
  22. SK122387's Avatar
    I'm 27 and know that feeling you experience, where everyone harasses you about having a BlackBerry.

    But I just HATE the thought of having one of those, being like everyone else. I won't get one because I don't want to hear everyone be like, "Sean FINALLY got an iPhone!" I'm not going to give people that satisfaction, and I don't buy a phone that I like hoping that other people will like it too.

    Have fun with your iPhone
    04-07-15 01:12 PM
  23. jonnyep's Avatar
    How about acknowledging that virtually every person I know even close to my age had switched long ago. They mainly switched because blackberry wasnt the cool thing anymore. I just got sick of hearing from every damn person. It was just annoying. Instead of being defensive and bashing me for being a follower(which is laughable if you truly know how few people my age or under carry a blackberry), lets focus on the snapchat/apps aspect of my post. I am here because I want blackberry to survive, and I know younger people. I know that they will only come back if blackberry is definitely a superior product. Even then it will be tough given the perception of it, but they must improve the product to be even better than the competitors. Email absolutley is, typing on a keyboard to me is, and security is. Next they need to find a way to be on par with apps. It is too important these days.
    04-07-15 01:14 PM
  24. BerryRipe's Avatar
    What's snapchat?

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    04-07-15 01:16 PM
  25. p1800nut's Avatar
    Those dumping on the OP show the same hubris that got BlackBerry in this mess. You can lament people's attitudes toward phones, but you ignore them at your peril.

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    04-07-15 01:24 PM
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