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    as the topic says, I just had my first hands on experience with an older BlackBerry.
    I was in a common area where the wifi is free, browsing Crackberry, when our Travel Lady walked by and asked if I had an iPhone or Blackberry. I told her Blackberry (of course) so she walked into her office and took out her phone and asked if I could help her with a few things.
    I would like to say that I am no expert on phones but she sure made me feel like one!
    so anyway, this got me thinking, how many of you just recently joined the blackberry family and how much experience do you have with older phones? and what stories do you have of helping out the less informed?
    for myself this is only my second smartphone (Torch 9800 and now Bold 9900) and she is the first "customer" i've had made me smile helping out another bb user.

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    07-28-12 06:39 AM
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    Like you I am a johnny-come-lately to BlackBerry...9800 and now the 9810. My boss was a BB user for years, but recently switched to iPhone and he is not happy with the delay in his messaging. I think when BB10 is introduced, he will come back. I used to help him set up his phone and two others in my church, and I helped my daughter upgrade her OS before she became a traitor and went to the darkside. That is about it. Not many are carrying BB's around in my area. The ones I do see are busy rocking on them and don't seem to need my help.
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    07-28-12 10:00 AM
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    I'm not a newcomer to BlackBerry as I got my first one in 2008, it was an 8800. But I have helped my sister with her Curve, as well as my sorority sister with her Curve. They both couldn't figure out why their batteries drained so much. I had to show them how to check for open apps running in the background...sure enough they both would have a ton of apps running. I showed them how to close them out, and also told them about the shortcuts and custom dictionary they could use.
    07-28-12 02:00 PM
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    Newcollecter, how do you like the 9810? I thought about getting that when I got my Bold, but I was ready for something different (formwise)
    also what was it like doing the OS? was it hard? lol

    and Deu2e, that is a good story! do you still use your 8330?

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    07-28-12 09:13 PM
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    Actually i'm not new with Blackberry but I had a few people and friends started to use Blackberry after they hanged out with me.. It feels great to share good things
    07-28-12 10:13 PM
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    I agree Blackberry_unlocking!
    i'm not a good "convincer" or "explainer" so my conversation with her consisted of "ok..." and "one sec, let me check this out" then she started asking questions that involved a deep explanation. I thought she knew the difference between cell phone connectivity (we dont have towers up here, it's a remote mine site) and Wifi connections. So you can imagine how flustered I got when I realized that. lol
    All in all, I feel like we both walked away having learned something new

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    07-28-12 11:09 PM
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    My first BlackBerry was a Boost Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8830 I purchsed at Best Buy in 2010. It was slow, but I freakin' loved it. The keyboard is what got me into it. Later next year, I switched to an AT&T-branded Torch 9800. OS 6 was awesome, even as it was already a year old.

    Nearly a year after the Torch, I made the switch to Android. (HTC EVO 3D on Sprint.)

    I hated the touch screen keyboard.

    Now I'm back on Sprint/Boost Mobile with the faster Curve 9310.

    Heck, it's 176 MHz faster than my old Torch. (624 MHz vs. 800 MHz.)

    And OS 7.1 made me fall in love with BlackBerry once again.

    That and shrinking the OS for more application storage space helps make me a happy customer.

    ...Let's just say I've had quite a long list of experience with a variety of phones.

    Also, I've helped my whole family out with their phones. Installing updates, fixing problems. Ra-blah-blah.

    I'm their go-to guy for repairs.
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    Nice Joshua, that's quite an impressive list of phones!
    My sister has a 9800, but she's not as interested in her phone as I am, which is sad because she never updates her apps when they come out like I do which bugs the ever living heck outta me, lol
    07-29-12 01:47 AM
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    Several coworkers who have BB's come to me for help. I have done everything from a wipe and OS install, to show someone how to use BBM and find their PIN. Everyone I work with is on at least some sort of 9xxxx device, but I did help a few people out with 83xx devices, but that was a few years ago. I don't see many people still on those devices, which is understandable.

    A few months ago, while waiting at my allergy center, I saw a woman pull out a silver 8830 and proceed to fire off some of the fastest email I have ever seen anyone type. I was literally staring at her while her fingers destroyed the keys of that phone. That was a sight to behold.
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    07-29-12 07:25 AM
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    I help out my grandpa with his Curve 9330 all the time. I recently walked him through how to upload a picture to Facebook while on the phone haha. I also helped my mom's boyfriend type on the Pearl and when my uncle had his Curve (first edition) I helped him he couldn't get signal. He paid me $20. I was paid $20 to turn the mobile network switch on haha. But I help people all the time with phones...BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. I am very familiar with all models.
    07-29-12 07:52 AM
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    my colleagues are still using trackball berries. they introduced me to blackberry

    however, they were not very knowledgeable and most of the information they related to me on how bb works was in fact erroneous

    they said they could install an android netflix app apk on my blackberry but ended up bricking my device, I ultimately found out you cannot install apks on blackberry. lmao
    07-29-12 11:08 AM
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    Lol doh!! Sorry to hear Elgusta!
    I hope I don't make the same mistake they did. Ever! Lol
    I do solemnly vow to allways double check my facts before spouting as truth.
    And to accept the fact that others may not know as much as I do, and I will help them and rejoice in doing so. No matter what OS they use, for acceptance is happiness.
    This I do solemnly vow.
    07-30-12 02:02 AM