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    Just got a Blackberry 8520... never had one before always been Nokia..

    This Blackberry was a pressie from my husband, so he got it from an Orange shop, he told them he wanted it on pay as you go, and that i wanted to keep my number, the man who sold him the phone said i could just put my old sim in this blackberry, which i have done but i can not get on line with orange, it says in top right corner "gprs" .. now i have set it up to my wireless at home, but obviously its no good when i am out and about...

    i have read on some threads that you have to get blackberry service, so who do i ring, and do i have to pay for this service?

    as with my nokia pay as you go i got free internet with my top ups

    also noticed when i am on my wireless, that it sometimes says 02, BUT im on Orange??

    thanks for any help
    05-26-10 10:19 AM
  2. MrObvious's Avatar
    Call your provider and ask them to add Blackberry Internet Service on your line.
    05-26-10 10:33 AM
  3. FobBerry's Avatar
    Call up Orange and get them to add on BIS (Blackberry Internet) its 5 a month but you get the internet, emails and BBM. It takes 24 hours for it to activate the first time you do it - well they say it does, usually it can take anything from a couple of minutes to 24 hours. (Past experience - my cousin bought one in February and I set it all up for her). Hope this helps. If you need anymore help with Orange issues then PM me, I've been with them using Blackberry for a couple of years so I've pretty much got it sussed.

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    05-28-10 04:25 PM
  4. ST79's Avatar
    After adding a blackberry data plan, register the device, by going to menu - options - advanced options - host routing table - menu - register now.

    You can now set up personal emails on the device: menu - setup folder - email settings.

    Congrats on your 8520 and Welcome to CB forums
    05-28-10 05:58 PM