1. coreymccormick's Avatar
    Hey i am new here. I just got a pearl 8100 and i read on a thread how to remove password when it is locked but the link is corrupted. I got it for work and i hate having to play with the password. I need to find out how to remove the locked password, thanks for your help.
    12-26-08 10:05 PM
  2. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    You need to call your carrier, the question you are asking can unfortunately be associated with a stolen device, which CB will have no part of...
    12-26-08 10:08 PM
  3. coreymccormick's Avatar
    no its not stolen i called AT&T and they recognized it to me and the company, i talked to my IT guy to see if he could unlock it and he said he cant. I dont like to put my password in every 5 mins. I just need the link to download to unlock the phone.
    12-26-08 10:14 PM
  4. pltaylor's Avatar
    SD is right, however you have to know the password in order to disable it so.....Go to options>security>general settings>set password to disabled.
    12-26-08 10:22 PM
  5. coreymccormick's Avatar
    i no my password its a brand new phone given to me by work i just dont like to put it in every 5 mins after its been idleing
    12-26-08 10:50 PM
  6. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    That is set by your IT dept. as a security feature. It is something you are going to have to get used to...
    12-26-08 10:52 PM
  7. coreymccormick's Avatar
    isnt there something i can do to get rid of it.
    12-26-08 10:55 PM
  8. NYGriego74's Avatar
    Corey doesn't sound like he's over the age of 15. Just an observation.
    12-27-08 05:27 AM