1. Tweeprise's Avatar
    So I just this week switched from a RAZOR to a BlackBerry Bold (figured I'd get the best out there if Im goin for a new cell). I have a few questions:

    1. I set up email but get wayy too many stupid emails and my phone is buzzin too much. Any way to be able to check my email on phone w/o being updated every time a new email comes in?

    2. I have two message folders now - one says messages (and looks like jus the plain envelope) and another message folder is the envelope but witha little globe and has my gmail address abobe it when highlighted. However, a new email shows up in both folders, its redic! How do I change that?

    3. When I get a text message (I guess a regular sms) it shows up only under the icon that is a phone w/ a little envelope. Regular text messages do not show up in my "MEssages" application (the only stuff that shows up in there is BBM's and Email? Whats the deal w/ that. Anyway to change it or is that just how it is?

    4. Replying to text messages is annoying sometimes b/c sometime the option to reply isnt avail on my menu.

    5. I'll have more soon. Im wayyy behind on this

    Thanks for any and all help, much appreciated.
    11-02-09 07:13 PM
  2. dennislee's Avatar
    1. change the messages alert in your sound profiles. scroll up to the little speaker on your home page, click, then scroll all the way down and click advanced
    2. the regular "messages" folder is all your emails combined. since you only have 1 email stup now, they seem the same. once you set up mroe than one email account, all emails will go to the Messaegs folder while the seperate email accoutns still; have their own folders
    3. you can chose to combine your email and texts into one folder if you go to options in either your email or sms folder
    4. press r in the message
    hope i helped (:
    11-02-09 07:19 PM