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    Unfortunately all is not well. They gave me a REFURBISHED Curve and I am very frustrated with it (already). I don't have a lot of the same options I had on my other Curve. The browser isn't working correctly. I don't even have a "go to" link in the menu. All I get is a white screen with 5 links "Email Accounts, Languge, Service Books, Create User Name and Help."

    Links aren't working in emails. I am just so frustrated.
    11-17-08 07:35 PM
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    Just looked and the OS is v4.3.0.124
    I'm new to the whole BB world, so ignore me if I say something stupid......

    I thought the OS on my other BB was different. I was thinking it was .127 I can't remember, though :/
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    11-17-08 07:38 PM
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    Just upgrade to the latest OS. Simple fix.

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    11-17-08 07:59 PM
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    Someone just explained how to fix the browser issue. lol Just had to close it and reopen it... Oops. lol

    But that still doesn't help with the no links in emails. Alltel hasn't released the 4.5 yet.
    11-17-08 08:15 PM
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    Your poor BB. Insurance is always important in my book
    11-17-08 09:07 PM
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    Try resending the service books if your having issues with the browser and even though Altell hasn't released 4.5 you can still get 4.5 from another carrier. Ask in the Curve forum they should be able to help.
    11-17-08 09:23 PM
  7. mirapaigew's Avatar
    Resent the service books and everything is great now.

    Thanks everyone! I'm so amazed at how nice and friendly everyone is around here. And so patient! lol
    11-17-08 10:25 PM
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    Water damage is not covered in your insurance...

    Report it lost otherwise your screwed! sorry... no bb should go thru that!!
    This is not true. Assurion which is the insurance carrier for most of the phone carriers accepts water damage as a reason for replacement. Say it's lost if it really is lost.
    11-17-08 10:31 PM
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    Thank god I had insurance!! I told the truth about what happened and I got a new phone.. Had to pay $50, but that's better than buying a new phone at retail price!!!

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    Glad everything worked out for you. I'm sure you wish they'd goven you a brand new phone considering yours was only 2 says old when this happened. The bright side- it didnt cost a couple of hundred to replace.
    11-17-08 10:34 PM
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