1. nervnicht's Avatar
    well, i've bought a bb 8900 (branded by orange)on ebay resently and i just can't seem to get al its features going. i tried to create an email account but there is no such thing as an email assistent in my device and when i try to do it via my pc, there doesnt seem to be an apropriat side existing for my carrier (base). and all the apps i try to download do also wont get going like for example google maps. if anybody has an idea waht might be wrong, i'd be very happy if u'd let me know.
    03-20-10 06:52 AM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    You need to make sure that the device is unlocked for you to be able to use it on your network.

    You then need to speak to your network and get them to add a BIS package to your monthly contract. Without BIS you have a pretty restricted device as most of the Blackberry functions all pass through Blackberry via either BIS (consumer) or BES (corporate).

    Once you have done this on the device go to options -> advanced options -> host routing table. click the bb menu button and then select register now.

    Then find your carrier's BIS website. Easiest way to do this is via google (just search for Blackberry internet service + carrier [substitute the word carrier with your carrier's name]. I believe in your case the address is https://base.blackberry.com/

    Once you've done that set yourself up an account and register your phone. You'll need the PIN and IMEI, both of which you can find at options -> status.

    Then you're phone is active on BIS and you can use this website to add your email address. You'll also have access to the browsing so you'll be able to browse the internet, download and use apps, use bbm etc.

    In order for you to be able to register this phone on your own carrier's BIS network it is essential that if it was previously registered on a different network the previous network have released the PIN. Ideally this is something the seller should have arranged with Orange before selling the phone as it is much easier for the previous owner to arrange the release of a PIN that for a new owner who has/had no contract at all with the original network.

    Hope I've covered everything and good luck Once you get through these steps I'm sure you'll get along just fine with your BB and won't look back on your choice.
    03-20-10 07:05 AM